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  1. Why is my return so low this year?
  2. Tax Garnishment
  3. I accidentally filed in my maiden name!!
  4. What is the definition of Garnishment of Wages?
  5. Can they hold my tax return because of a federal student loan?
  6. Dependent care FSA and filing status
  7. What's Withholding?
  8. How to amend the 1099 for 2008 tax year?
  9. do i claim my ROTH 403(b) earnings?
  10. Lifetime Learning Credit - Midwest disaster zone - online college
  11. What are the most important tax credits that are going to expire in 2010?
  12. What are the most important tax credits that are going to expire in 2009?
  13. Buying a business with home refinance dollars
  14. college scholarship savings
  15. How should taxpayers account for group-term life insurance in excess of $50,000?
  16. What is the tax treatment for personal use of company cars?
  17. Incorrect 1099-MISC
  18. Federal and State Taxes applicable for trainee taken on stipend basis
  19. New 5405 Form release?
  20. Loaning $ to relatives
  21. What are the latest fringe benefits offered for qualified transportation in 2009!
  22. Can I collect unemployment while starting up a business
  23. Contractor Default on Unsecured Loan for Land
  24. Inheritance Tax
  25. What is Self-Employment Tax?
  26. What is the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008?
  27. Gifting tax benefits
  28. Protecting my company name
  29. When must an Employer file a Form 941?
  30. How do you correct a previously filed Form 941 if you have found an error?
  31. What is a flexible spending arrangement?
  32. How can I notify the IRS of my new home address?
  33. What are the most common IRS tax penalties that apply to an individual taxpayer?
  34. Inheritance tax question
  35. How much of the unemployment benefits is non-taxable in 2009?
  36. Maryland Now Taxes Interest on U.S. Bonds
  37. Why has Equipment Leasing Arrangement become very popular to both Lessors & Lessees?
  38. First time home buyer + 1970 trailer home
  39. Tax implications for purchasing a corporation based in Finland
  40. Previously Defaulted on 401(K) Loan; Status Now Disabled
  41. What are the Tax Credits and deductions related to Higher Education?
  42. Can a taxpayer go directly to the IRS to receive the transcripts from Form 4506-T?
  43. What is the IRS Form 4506-T?
  44. What is the IRS link to apply for an Online Payment Agreement?
  45. The IRS offers the Online Payment Agreement (OPA) Application.
  46. Past Due Child Support Tax Offset
  47. certificate of release of federal tax lien
  48. W-4 Layoff Deduction
  49. Questions Regarding Household Employee
  50. carry overs and foreign tax credits
  51. disabilty tax issue!
  52. Is readjustment pay retirement pay??
  53. Head of household and Dependents...
  54. What do I attach to my amended return?
  55. 1099-MISC but it's not income
  56. ADA-Implementation of Title III
  57. Dangers/Risks of Filing Taxes by self?
  58. Hurrican Ike Casualty Loss Question
  59. Maximum/Minium Contribution
  60. Any tax liability on early estate distribution?
  61. k-1 required for distribution of Estate's corpus?
  62. Inheritance Tax
  63. Tax question please
  64. Why does the IRS prefer taxpayers to use the Direct Deposit Option for their Refunds?
  65. work in NY, live in NJ - confused about tax credit
  66. E-file problem
  67. First year E2 visa
  68. What is meant by a Split Refund on the Individual Tax Return?
  69. First time home buyer partial rental property
  70. Amending my daughters return?
  71. Hurricane Ike casualty loss
  72. Boyfriend and Mother both Claiming me?!
  73. Qualifying relative deduction
  74. Double Reporting of 1099-misc to recipient
  75. just purchased home newly divorced first home purchased alone form 5405? am i elgib
  76. IRS Error in Amount of Stimulus Payment
  77. More Child Support Questions
  78. TAx write-off of uncollected lawsuit
  79. Finding a Social #
  80. ex-employer not willing to provide my W2
  81. What is a “fictitious name?”
  82. How do I write this 1099 contractor off.
  83. travel expenses in 1099
  84. Question RE: claiming dependents
  85. Claiming my girlfriends two kids
  86. non-resident
  87. Child support garnishment for spouse
  88. pay/write off
  89. lottery winnings
  90. Tax Debt Relief
  91. What is the difference between Recourse and Non-Recourse Debt?
  92. Could you please explain what are the Passive Loss Rules?
  93. What IRS taxpayer identification numbers is assigned for aliens?
  94. Refinancing with Accrued interest
  95. Individual Tax Adjustment for 2007
  96. Would this crisis prompt Congress to issue a 2nd Fiscal Stimulus Package?
  97. PRize (NON-Resident)
  98. What is an IRS correspondence audit?
  99. Moving to NJ but will still be working in NYC
  100. Amount Given to Parents
  101. What does the IRS mean by the term "Foreign Person" ?
  102. What does the IRS mean by the term "United States Person" ?
  103. What is Reverse Mortgage?
  104. IRS Lien
  105. Notice of Intent to Levy
  106. Which Taxpayers are qualified to take a Home Office Deduction?
  107. Investment in Mass Transportation is the answer to Current US Economic woes!
  108. Which Tax Policies would you want the next US President to implement?
  109. Are there any special IRS withholding rules for severence pay?
  110. Seven Tax Advantages to Hiring Your Spouse in Your Business!
  111. Can a child aged under 18 be subject to AMT tax?
  112. tax stimulus - husbands year to claim
  113. How does one qualify for Foreign Earned Income Exclusion & Foreign Housing Exclusion?
  114. Is it possible to check the status of an amended tax return?
  115. Is it possible to e-File an Amended Tax Return?
  116. What is meant by Fair Market Value with respect to Donations?
  117. What is a Cafeteria Plan?
  118. how do you amend a 1099 misc?
  119. What are rules for meals/lodging exp's for Foreign Travel for business of < 1 week?
  120. Why do some people get a bigger refund than others?
  121. Healthcare Insurance Taxed?
  122. What are the rules regarding Home Office Deduction?
  123. payroll tax software
  124. What are "Carry-Over Items" and why are they so important to the 2007 Tax Filing?
  125. How many States have no State Taxation?
  126. Does e-Filing cost extra money to file?
  127. What are the Capital Gains Tax Rates in 2007?
  128. What are the Tax Rates for 2007 for all the filing status?
  129. qualifying child question
  130. Where do you file your 1099-Misc reports in 2007?
  131. What are the rules for Non-Cash Donations not involving vehicles?
  132. What are the requirements to claim a charity deduction for donation of a used car?
  133. re: federal rebate
  134. Will the "Rebate Check be taxable on the 2008 tax return?
  135. Will the IRS reduce the Rebate check to me if I owe back taxes?
  136. Will I be able to use my Rebate to offset my 2007 tax liability?
  137. IRS is looking for a home for more than 115,000 Refund checks! Are you one of them?
  138. How is my pass-through income from my S Corporation taxed on my personal tax return?
  139. How can I get a copy of my prior years tax return?
  140. California taxation on Federal refunds
  141. Amend 2006 Taxes?
  142. No Fixed Address
  143. Can you write off development costs for real estate not purchased.
  144. Are Theft losses incurred in 2007 deductible on my 2007 tax return?
  145. Do taxpayers have to report Gambling Winnings if they haven't received a 1099-Misc?
  146. IRS Strengthens Withholding Compliance Program
  147. Gift in family is exempt from tax?
  148. Are you one of the 115,478 taxpayers who are due a tax refund worth that is >$110m?
  149. What are the IRS requirements for a 1031 exchange?
  150. What is the maximum amount a taxpayer can deduct as student loan interest?
  151. What are the Individual Tax Rates for Married Filing Separate Filers for Year 2007?
  152. What are the Individual Tax Rates for Joint Filers for Tax Year 2007?
  153. What are the Individual Tax Rates for Single Filers for Tax Year 2007?
  154. 2007 Changes to Qualified Transportation Fringe Benefit
  155. Are Gambling Winning Subject to Self Employment taxes?
  156. 2007 Tax Changes to Individual Tax Returns
  157. 2007 Changes to Kiddie Taxes
  158. Tax Preparer Penalties increases substantially in 2007
  159. What is the best Tax software available for a small business?
  160. On what grounds can a Taxpayer seek abatement of IRS penalties?
  161. I prepared my own tax return and found that I owe the IRS money. What are my options?
  162. What's the IRS minimum compensation amount needed to issue a 1099-Misc in 2007?
  163. What are the factors that determine someone is an independent contractor?
  164. What are the maximum wages subject to Social Security Taxes (FICA) in 2007?
  165. What must I do if I loose my IRS refund check?
  166. Am I required to file an Individual Texas State tax return?
  167. How Can I avoid the dreaded AMT Taxes?
  168. how far must my old home be to the new home in order to deduct moving exp's?
  169. What are the factors determine whether you are an independent contractor?
  170. I filed an extension & now I owe a lot of taxes that i cannot pay? What can I do?
  171. What do I do when I am missing my W-2?
  172. 1040 and 1099-MISC problems
  173. remodeled house. does the property tax change
  174. I Could Not File 1096 For Report Of 1099 Misc
  175. How do you correct a tax return that was not correctly filed?
  176. What is the foreign income exclusion for 2006 for US taxpayers working aboard?
  177. Resident alien for tax question?
  178. What is the difference between a tax credit and a tax deduction?What's more valuable?
  179. What are my options if I can't pay my 2006 tax liability?
  180. I work in NY and live in NJ, do I have to pay NJ tax on NY income?
  181. How much tax is due on a early pension distribution?
  182. How can I deduct unreimbursed job related expenses on my tax return?
  183. What can a Taxpayer deduct for moving expenses?
  184. What is deductible as a Employee Business expenses?
  185. I omitted some income from a 1099-Misc received in 2005, what should I do?
  186. Employee Business Expenses deductions
  187. Should I report to IRS that I bought a house?
  188. How does one file an extension to file request?
  189. What 1040 Form is best for me? 1040Ez or 1040A?
  190. How are you filing your taxes this year?
  191. Depreciation Rules
  192. Tax Tips for 2006
  193. What can i do if I owe taxes to IRS and cant pay?
  194. Charity rules for 2006
  195. New Business Start up expenses
  196. Depreciation Deduction-Section 179
  197. Real Estate Commissions