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  1. Louisiana refund
  2. Gift - from non US resident - limit / tax
  3. What action do I take
  4. Please help!
  5. Prior Unallowed Losses/converted To Vac Home
  6. Prior Unallowed Losses/converted To Vac Home
  7. inheriting stock
  8. Independent Contractor and taxes
  9. foreign tax on foreign retirement bond?
  10. Nonemployee Compensation
  11. Graduate Student Tax Question 1098-T
  12. Is a gift made from an educational trust on behalf of a student considered income to the student?
  13. Utilization of NOL Carryforward
  14. are payments made to my daughters college from an educational trust considered "scholarships"
  15. My W-2 & 1099's have wrong address
  16. wage garnishment and tax return
  17. Spouse for tax exemption
  18. Before moving - Temp living expenses
  19. How to correct an OLD Form 8889
  20. Head of Household / Dependents / Adult children
  21. dependents
  22. Template for Added Statements?
  23. Loss on Property Rehabbed But Did Not Own
  24. 1098-t
  25. Dependents
  26. Tax saving options for emloyees without retirement plans
  27. bad debt on personal vehicle
  28. can i claim a child i have guardianship over
  29. Can I claim my retired parents who live in a foreign country?
  30. Recently married - how to file to maximize return?
  31. late returns
  32. Claiming EIC on parent - has tax levy
  33. Husband Put Exempt On W4
  34. Student
  35. K1 Ending Capital Account Balance
  36. tax related to difference in circle rate and actual purchase amount
  37. Tax filing form for non-profit organization
  38. RMD when filing Jointly
  39. Claiming Son now out of state
  40. Incorrect Misc 1099
  41. What to pay first?
  42. Ending capital account on K-1 from prior year
  43. Didnt Work And Had A Fraud Case Now I Owe Or Intent To Levy
  44. Car Sales Tax Refund
  45. gift tax
  46. When is a W2 required for household employee?
  47. I Filed 1/25/2012 For
  48. Tax on Gift from parents
  49. form 982
  50. Is a Qualifying Relative considered a Qualifying Child? Please help!
  51. Inheritance issue
  52. NOL carryover..was Single, now Married
  53. Local Tax Authority is Wrong
  54. Schedule F - how many
  55. I'm in USA, my wife and daughter in China, how to file tax return?
  56. How should I file a +2yr 1099 contract job?
  57. How to calculate penalties and interest for missing 1099-INT for NJ state
  58. Pkwagner
  59. Allocate 1098-T Tuition Statement between Education benefit & Job-Related Expense?
  60. Allocate 1098-T Tuition Statement between Education benefit & Job-Related Expense?
  61. Settlement of 2nd mortgage - How to fill out Form 982?
  62. 8379 in regards to defaulted student loans
  63. Dependents
  64. Form 8379
  65. Tax levy Wage Garnishment
  66. Per Diem non taxed
  67. American Opportunity Credit
  68. 1099 Scholarship Help
  69. Mediclaim & tax
  70. What are the limits on the amounts deductible for Meals and Entertainment incurred for business travel?
  71. Can a husband and wife operate a business as a sole proprietorship or do they need to be a partnership?
  72. IRS announces that it will begin to accept tax returns claiming education credits by Mid-February.
  73. Form 1098-T
  74. Foreign C Corp Help with Taxes
  75. House in Trust, I live in it with my disabled bro
  76. Establishing FMV on Real Estate Upon Death
  77. Non married couple - who claims the child?
  78. Claiming non-related children on taxes
  79. What do I have to do with stock on taxes?
  80. artist 1099
  81. My first post!
  82. WA state/Federal Estate questions
  83. Foreign Tax Exclusion
  84. MBA tuition with employer sponsorship
  85. IRS Offers Tips for Year-End Charitable Giving
  86. Post Doctoral Taxes
  87. What is the difference between a Tax Return transcript vs Tax Account Transcript?
  88. How does a taxpayer order a Transcript of their Tax Returns?
  89. 16 year old mom
  90. Can I claim unpaid money that daughter did not contribute while living with us?
  91. Dependent Claim for yr 2009
  92. Tax Payer Advocate Services- NOT HELPFUL
  93. IRS offers tax relief for US citizens residing abroad who owe little tax!
  94. IRS closes loophole on "Offshore Account Disclosure"
  95. 1099-misc
  96. Question about an amended return
  97. 1099-Education Grant
  98. Tax vs GAAP Basis on K-1
  99. Moving Expenses from 2010
  100. stock as a gift
  101. When should a taxpayer File Form 8814?
  102. Amended state tax return
  103. foreign spouse
  104. Education deduction help
  105. Multiple State Taxes
  106. married filing separately-business use of home ?
  107. How to file income tax without foreign earned income?
  108. Excess 401k Contributions
  109. Figuring up tips
  110. 1099 without 1096
  111. Form 4684. Casualties and Theft
  112. I had a nanny last year
  113. Foreclosure sale price
  114. Education Creditsut: on Federal 1040
  115. Mary Kay back taxes
  116. On my W2 form, I put a '2' under my federal allowance, now I don't get federal tax taken out.
  117. question about who can be claimed as dependants
  118. depentant
  119. Savers tax credit
  120. IRS upping audits on highest income bracket
  121. MBA Tuition Deduction
  122. Under what circumstances will income for personal services performed in the United States as a nonresident alien is not considered to be from U.S. sources and is not subject to U.S. taxation?
  123. When are Non Resident Aliens required to file a Tax Return?
  124. What are the amounts that should be reported on Form 1099-Misc?
  125. Tax Refund
  126. J1 Visa holder became resident alien
  127. Does hiring a Tax Attorney help more than hiring a CPA during a Tax Audit?
  128. Offer in Compromise: The Best Way for IRS Tax Debt Settlement
  129. Interest abatement
  130. CA tax credit for parents of child w/ disability?
  131. K-1 line 11 code A & B
  132. Can a Taxpayer receive a Tax Refund for 2010 if they are currently enrolled in a payment plan to pay off past federal tax liabilities?
  133. I received a letter disallowing my 2007 refund for being filed untimely - more than 3 years - but it was postmarked 4/18/2011. What is the BEST and FASTEST way for me to pursue an appeal?
  134. What is the Impact of the Comprehensive 1099 Taxpayer Protection and Replacement of Exchange Subsidy Overpayments Act of 2011 to Landlords who were required to issue 1099's to Independent Contractors?
  135. What are the tax proposals laid out by Tim Pawlenty, the Tea Party favorite?
  136. An Interesting IRS Crossword Maze!
  137. Amending Taxes for Education Credit
  138. Top 5 Reasons for getting an IRS Audit in 2010!
  139. What is the overall IRS Audit Rate for Individual Tax Returns in 2010?
  140. What is the Obama Commission on Tax Reform's current tax proposals as far as the individual tax rates are concerned?
  141. Odd Tax Question Please HELP URGENT
  142. Personal loan questions
  143. Where should taxpayers file Form's 8804, 8805 and 8813?
  144. 1040x ??
  145. Oversea funds
  146. Incorrect filing
  147. Complicated tax situation
  148. 1099 Misc given to s corporation's name
  149. Two W-2 with the same State Wages but different states
  150. Business Bad Debt of an employee
  151. Tax Lien Question
  152. Tax Help!
  153. Which taxpayers can deduct commuting expenses?
  154. 2010 refund
  155. Need some suggestions on an issue with my taxes
  156. Incorrect 1099 Amount and Many Unfiled Taxes
  157. Reimburse Sign on Bonus
  158. Recd Corrected 1099-INT after filing -- tiny change
  159. 1099-MISC questions
  160. employer wont fix my 1099-MISC
  161. Schedule K-1
  162. power of attorney
  163. 1099-misc box 3 and form 8615
  164. Taxes on an estate
  165. Retirement Savings Credit
  166. I forgot to Issue 1099
  167. Residential Energy Credit
  168. Refund check
  169. Elderly dependent?
  170. What are main requirements of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)?
  171. Why is my 2010 tax return less this year?
  172. e-filing state only?? Resending Federal, problems?
  173. Gifts to family members
  174. Money Market Account Loss
  175. child support
  176. federal tax withholdings
  177. Partial Foreign Earned Income for 2010
  178. Multi-State W2 (For 2 different jobs)
  179. Wrong address on Tax Return
  180. Long Term Homebuyer's Credit
  181. Which taxpayers are eligible to claim the Tuition and Fees Deduction?
  182. 1099 for sale of business?
  183. Time Frame to file 8832
  184. Website automatically filed federal return twice.
  185. Injured spouse Help please!
  186. FMS Offset to refunds
  187. what gets paid first
  188. Claiming my daughter?
  189. Employer paid tuition....
  190. 2010 Adoption Credit
  191. 1099 Misc - is this legal?
  192. Separated from husband since April 2010, should I file jointly or HOH.
  193. Seeking help on third party's share of return.
  194. Dad of three needs help
  195. What are the new proposed 1099 Reporting Requirements in 2011?
  196. Qualifying Educ Expenses For 529 Plan
  197. 1099 misc
  198. 1099 Question
  199. who claims who?
  200. Forgot to Issue 1099's
  201. Find TurboTax Expert?
  202. annuity distribution
  203. Foreign Tax Credit
  204. 1040x EIC help
  205. Severance Pay check
  206. 1099-Misc reimbursement
  207. Increase Personal Tax Exemption?
  208. how to file a 1040x
  209. $6500 Tax credit
  210. Employer taking Employer Tax from my pay check. Why?
  211. **1099 mailed to incorrect addresss**
  212. using turb-tax need help out of state winnings
  213. Investment mortgage interest
  214. How to figure value of inventory not purchased in 2009
  215. home refinance with cash out for home improvements
  216. form 8379
  217. State Tax
  218. 1099 Misc for a referral fee
  219. NJ Rent Deduction
  220. Are there are income restrictions on the Auto Sales Tax Deduction for 2009?
  221. Interest on property sale
  222. First Time Homebuyer Credit
  223. work related deductions
  224. When is 2009 Federal 940 Futa Tax Form Due?
  225. What are the FUTA limits for 2009?
  226. What is the Federal Unemployment (FUTA) Tax Return?
  227. Can I deduct my books and supplies expenses incurred going to MBA school?
  228. E-File Form Question
  229. joint filing
  230. Amended return
  231. Cancellation of Debt Question
  232. annuity surrender
  233. Qualified Education expenses
  234. espp loss
  235. lawsuit employment breach of contract
  236. IRS 1096/1099 sent to wrong mailing address
  237. Dependent or not?
  238. Proof of Economic Loss in Declared Disaster Area?
  239. Owe no State taxes
  240. 2009 Form 1099-C and 1099-A
  241. relocation costs J-1 non resident alien
  242. Education Credits
  243. home buyer credit
  244. How do I report a Bulk sale of a Business?
  245. What form is used to report the Sale of Business Property?
  246. incorrect wages put on 2008 tax form
  247. nyc school tax credit 2009
  248. Does my teenage daughter have to file?
  249. Disaster relief education tax credit
  250. Tax Credits - Income Deductions for 2009