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  1. Ph?n m?m k? toán MISA SME 2017 giá r? b?n m?i nh?t
  2. Getting a W2 for my LTD income
  3. Foreign Tax Carryback and NOL Carryforward
  4. 1042-S form
  5. ESOP Distribution
  6. Boat dock code change
  7. 1099-B/Form 8949, foreign taxes and account fees (3 items)
  8. Amend 2015 Return / 1099C / Form 982
  9. I need to correct my allocations on form 8379 already filed
  10. Misc
  11. Substitute for return (SFR) notification?
  12. Please Help. Question on 1098T
  13. Claim kid?
  14. Simultaneous Death of Husband and Wife
  15. Form 8829 business use of your home
  16. Trouble filling out form 8379
  17. Offer in compromise deeper question
  18. Applicability of US-German tax treaty, Article 20, paragraph 4
  19. Moving funds from 529 to FL prepaid
  20. Received a W2 and a 1099
  21. Services not rendered
  22. Services not rendered
  23. Student Loan Interest Deduction
  24. Accidentally getting hit with a gift tax
  25. Claim for babysitting?
  26. two homeowners, not married, how to file?
  27. Student Loans
  28. Gift tax rulesw
  29. Repayment to Former Employer
  30. Sold property: is there penalty to pay a sibling's mortgage?
  31. Residency for State Tax filings complicated?
  32. Purchase of Leasehold Improvements
  33. Moving from Remote Employee to Permanent Office
  34. Limited Purpose FSA
  35. What should I do?
  36. Basis for a home in a trust
  37. Questions regarding gift of home?
  38. audit questions
  39. Question about filing
  40. Two fee schedules for IRS credit card payments
  41. I am intrigued.
  42. Two household employment scenarios
  43. How can I greatly reduce my tax burden? (+1 more Q)
  44. Co Ownership of home that has been sold
  45. How to offset gambling win with losses?
  46. Is My Mother Taking Money From Assets Left For The Children?
  47. Is My Mother Taking Money From Assets Left For The Children?
  48. Need some advice about tax repayment and/or estimated tax payments
  49. Multiple state taxes
  50. Form 709 properly filled out
  51. Amendment tax with dependent
  52. Amendment tax
  53. Claiming a Dependent
  54. 1099 misc file wrong
  55. Fines
  56. How do apply foreign tax carryover credits?
  57. HSA Disbursements
  58. I won a house. What do I do when I file?
  59. 17 and supporting my younger siblings
  60. IRS investigation taking too long
  61. what is the definition of structuring
  62. what is the definition of structuring
  63. What is my property basis?
  64. Repayment of home buyers loan
  65. Refund Taken/Injured Spouse Question
  66. 2 failed adoptions different years
  67. Tax Refund Offset
  68. Forever TAX Free !
  69. Nanny Tax... Oops
  70. Before I get married
  71. Taxes - refund transfer & receipt
  72. [Delete]
  73. 1095-c confusion
  74. 1095-c confusion
  75. Is a reimbursement for goods purchased by an individual considered an expense reimbursement eligible for box 7 on Form 1099?
  76. 1098-t help!
  77. Address mistake and state taxes
  78. Two Questions
  79. Mortgage Interest
  80. Tax Dispute results in payment abatement but not interest
  81. Am I doing my amended tax return correctly!?
  82. How to tell if my 1098-T will earn me any education credit refund, or make me lose my refund?
  83. No employer health insurance
  84. Insurance Payment through In-Law Taxable or No?
  85. Inheritance from overseas
  86. Filing 1098t
  87. Ammend to Waive NOL Carryback ?
  88. CP2000- how to verify claimed education credits - for year 2015 tax return
  89. I received a notice from the IRS Notice CP2000
  90. interstate tax exemption
  91. Gift tax... sneaky but is this legal?
  92. No fixed address ? what to put on the tax forms?
  93. Wash transaction related to Homestyle Renovation loan
  94. Virginia Sales Tax
  95. gift tax question
  96. Disputing back taxes owed to IRS during the process of selling my primary (and only) residence (which is registered as my "homestead" here in Texas)
  97. Grantor Letters & IRS Form K-1
  98. Claiming invoice from off-shore?
  99. Paper tax return, sent back missing sig.
  100. tuition
  101. Schedule E, line 22
  102. Question about refund limitation period (6511(a))
  103. Sorting out a 10 year tax mess
  104. Like Kind Transactions: Boot Received
  105. Refund not received question
  106. Deduct cost of public sewer infrastructure
  107. 529 withdrawal from Ohio now living in Florida
  108. Gifting Money
  109. Healthcare Question
  110. Will IRS have any issues with my tax return if I choose Lifetime Learning Credit instead of Tuition and Fees Deduction and pay more taxes?
  111. Employer Didn't Pay My Taxes
  112. Typo in form 4868 - extension of tax filing
  113. Old Credit Card Nightmare
  114. Information about what the IRS does when they are looking for someone
  115. Can I Claim F1 Student as dependant on my tax return?
  116. Info reported on 1098-T is not accurate, school refusing to change
  117. Uncollectable status ? Lien(s) released?
  118. Refund held
  119. Years Skip on long term capital Loss carryover
  120. PTIN Information...
  121. Section 179
  122. Paying Mom with dependent care FSA
  123. Amending after SS-8
  124. Relocation Expenses
  125. Forfited on debt
  126. Travel for pre-employment screening
  127. RE: Emotional Support Animal
  128. Starting to sell on etsy, need lots of tax help
  129. Unused rental property losses
  130. garnishing refund
  131. Unpaid New York Sales Tax on Boat...tax notice
  132. Will the IRS intercept my tax refund if I claim my adult student child as a dependent if she is in arrears on her federal student loan?
  133. Gifting limits - family vs charity
  134. J-1 research scholar help
  135. K-1 help please
  136. Transferring money from a non-US resident as a gift
  137. Divorce and tax bill owed.
  138. Roth + Jackpot = ??
  139. Transfering a large amount of money from overseas
  140. Uber/Lyft Driver
  141. Filing a claim more than 3 years of original filing date
  142. K-1 amounts don't make sense
  143. Military Musician
  144. Filing for Working Student
  145. Sole prop online business question
  146. Return of certain funds after 401k rollover
  147. Return of certain funds after 401k rollover
  148. How do you pay tax on a temporary foriegner
  149. obama care ins
  150. Son & Husband received 1099C
  151. Paying off taxes with 401k
  152. No W-2 or 1099 (Please Help ASAP)
  153. Do I have to mail in form 8453 for form 8949 if I already filed this info on schedules D E and form 8949?
  154. IRS back taxes - can I take lump sum pension cash out without repercussions?
  155. Help! IRS Back Taxes
  156. Potential Legal Expense Deduction
  157. Filing Jointly and Spouse owes tax
  158. under the table
  159. Can a person receiving SSDI claim anybody and file taxes?
  160. Hardship exemption to ACA/Obamacare
  161. Child Tax Credit
  162. Pragmatic questions about IRS form 709 ???
  163. Forgot to file 1099 misc
  164. Appeals, I need advice/insight.
  165. Military Separation Pay Versus Disability Pay Off-set
  166. Amended return?
  167. How to declare refunded income?
  168. H1B - 9th year - Spouse H4 to F1 to OPT
  169. writeoff uncollected judgment (personal not business)
  170. Failed to check health coverage box on 1040
  171. second mortgage
  172. second mortgage
  173. Transfer from Life Insurance to 529
  174. American Opportunity Credit for the year 2014
  175. Do I file my son as one of my dependents?
  176. American Opportunity Credit
  177. Ammendment for EITC
  178. Poker Winnings as a Non American
  179. Turbo tax online?
  180. Employer did not take federal taxes
  181. 1095-a
  182. Tax withheld by fidelity since no w9/w8 on file
  183. SPress
  184. Second Home Mortgage Interest Deduction
  185. College Books
  186. business for rental property exchange
  187. Claim airfare for work/pleasure trip
  188. Small business dividends/distributions
  189. Filing jointly when husbands owes back taxes?
  190. 1099C Misc
  191. PayPal income ?
  192. On disability carrying for disabled son
  193. should I get married before year end?
  194. Tax Lien Certificate
  195. can I claim my girlfriends child on my taxes if:
  196. Credit for estimated taxes
  197. Tax liability of Malta-based company for US-taxpayer
  198. Per Diem Question
  199. Medicare and VA Benefits for 2014 Taxes
  200. Dual Status Alien: How Report NR Tax
  201. Offer in Compromise question
  202. Reporting Agents
  203. apartment rent?
  204. Amended Return?
  205. Gift taxes
  206. Gift tax issues on joint bank account ?
  207. Putting money back into your business inquiry
  208. Franchisee under s-corp/LLC
  209. Questions on claiming my two adult children for 2014
  210. Must consignee selling for others on eBay issue 1099 to consignors for personal property sales?
  211. NOL - large amount from 2007
  212. Foreign Tax help needed.
  213. Hobby Expense Question
  214. Settlement will pay off student loans. Is this taxable?
  215. Taxes on overseas gambling partnership
  216. Cost of tax perpetration
  217. In shock re: tax bill
  218. Am I counting the same foreign tax credit twice?
  219. Online Community - What should I do?(IE: Non-Profit?)
  220. Tax on non american nationals
  221. Earned Income Credit for Resident Alien
  222. Possible to receive refunds you may have missed in prior years?
  223. Filing an Extension
  224. 1099-misc
  225. Need urgent assistance for part year resident in both NJ & DE...
  226. Foreign tax credit won't carryforward
  227. Including Parents As Dependents
  228. federal taxes
  229. Not With Child For The Whole 2013
  230. Best advice
  231. Complicated situation
  232. Life Insurance Proceeds / Company Loan / Deductibility of Loan not repaid
  233. Louisiana refund
  234. Gift - from non US resident - limit / tax
  235. What action do I take
  236. Please help!
  237. Prior Unallowed Losses/converted To Vac Home
  238. Prior Unallowed Losses/converted To Vac Home
  239. inheriting stock
  240. Independent Contractor and taxes
  241. foreign tax on foreign retirement bond?
  242. Nonemployee Compensation
  243. Graduate Student Tax Question 1098-T
  244. Is a gift made from an educational trust on behalf of a student considered income to the student?
  245. Utilization of NOL Carryforward
  246. are payments made to my daughters college from an educational trust considered "scholarships"
  247. My W-2 & 1099's have wrong address
  248. wage garnishment and tax return
  249. Spouse for tax exemption
  250. Before moving - Temp living expenses