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  1. KS nonresident
  2. Last year filed
  3. dependents who have green cards but live mostly abroad
  4. Dual-status tax filing
  5. Help with tax filing status
  6. Help with taxes on the money my mother would have wanted my brothers children and myself to have.
  7. living abroad with low income
  8. Report/pay US taxes on interest income from foreign bank a/c, where the a/c is owned by my dad (non-resident in US), with me (resident alien) as the joint 2nd a/c holder?
  9. I haven't filed since 2009, how do I start?
  10. 1099 Band members
  11. Question About Filing Status
  12. how to report returned confiscated assets
  13. Responding to Bank who sent me erroneous 1099 C in 2015 tax Yr
  14. Inheritance from a non US citizen to a US citizen
  15. ?'s got my head spinning
  16. Sent proofs once already, worried about personal data theft
  17. warce
  18. Tax question
  19. Question related to claiming dependents?
  20. Company Paid Vendor. No Ssn To Give 1099
  21. Csed
  22. City tax
  23. pastor with a question (dilemma?)
  24. I need help with a tax question asap
  25. W2
  26. Retired persons over 65 not required to file, any actions required?
  27. Collection Statute Expiriation Date
  28. Minimal Income - Still need to file?
  29. Form 709
  30. Online Payment Agreement Application
  31. What to send with an amended return?
  32. Where can US Taxpayers get International Tax Assistance for their tax filings whilst residing overseas?
  33. What are the filing due dates for U.S. citizen or resident alien residing overseas?
  34. Where should US Citizen and Resident Aliens residing overseas file their 2016 Tax Returns?
  35. Client spouse does not have an ss or itin#
  36. Dual state residency in 2016
  37. Should a wait?
  38. why would wife's turbo refund go down
  39. Dependent debt
  40. Can my spouse take the standard deduction as MFS if I file HOH and itemize?
  41. Amending Federal Taxes - need to amend state?
  42. Help!! HOH OR MFJ??
  43. Correct One 1099 And 1096 Out Of A Group Of 1099s Already Filed
  44. How to correct one 1099 out of 15 already filed & correct 1096 - tax yr. 2016
  45. Joint, Separate, or Single
  46. Disclosing ownership in other companies?
  47. confused
  48. Married Filing Jointly Schedule B Tax Form Question
  49. Claiming Deduction for Dependents
  50. Help with W-4 Withholding
  51. help with amending 2013, 2014, and 2014
  52. Filing Status and using form 2555
  53. W4
  54. To file Head of Household or Single??
  55. 2 People Claim Same Dependant?
  56. No 1095 form
  57. Misc Income as Attorney
  58. Schedule C: How to report expenses for recording project taking more than one year to complete?
  59. Filing married separately/jointly
  60. Can't pay but already have payment plan???
  61. A really late request for a W9
  62. no taxes taken out
  63. Filing a 1099 MISC
  64. just wanting to know
  65. filing 1099 for online stock investment
  66. Married Filing Jointly
  67. Do I need to amend state if I amend federal?
  68. Amending tax returns to married filing jointly help
  69. missing W2 Help!!
  70. On Disability & Sell on eBay.. Claim it?
  71. MFJ sale of home
  72. Married, Wife Not Changed Of Status Yet With A Son
  73. Form 8867 when filing form 1040x
  74. Filling Jointly, spouse non resident
  75. When to file jointly
  76. Employee AND Freelancer
  77. Is amended return flag for audit?
  78. Married Living Together But Filing Separate
  79. Married Living Together But Filing Separate
  80. Filing a claim more than 3 years of original filing date
  81. In which states do I need to file a return
  82. What do I need to file and in what states?
  83. Help regarding Filling Up W-7 form
  84. Stay At home dad with minimal income- how to file?
  85. Single or Married Seperate
  86. My 18 year old moved out before graduation, can I still claim her?
  87. Texas Community Income
  88. Family Tax Issue
  89. Do I have to mail in form 8453 for form 8949 if I already filed this info on schedules D E and form 8949?
  90. 1009c
  91. filing taxes illegally
  92. German Citizen, working in the US, what forms?
  93. one set of expenses, two businesses
  94. a person that's unemployed filing taxes and obamacare
  95. can my friend change married separate status to single?
  96. Fees for getting into compliance with tax obligations
  97. dependent filing?
  98. Dual status foreign income 2010
  99. Dual status foreign income
  100. Form 1065 and Schedule K-1
  101. Form 1065 Schedule K-1's
  102. Living and working in different states-what do I File?
  103. I screwed up...please help
  104. Can I Claim them?
  105. Can not figure how to file a 1099-S
  106. Earned Income Credit ~ Custodial Parent
  107. Question regarding W2/Tax filing
  108. How to claim prior year refunds
  109. daughter has ins., ex does not
  110. No Healthcare Tax Penalty
  111. 1099 MISC and title company
  112. How to File
  113. lost w-2 form
  114. Question about taxable income amount
  115. Question about dependent who lives in canada
  116. W-3's
  117. W2`s
  118. W-4, Taxes & Dependent
  119. How should we file?
  120. Filing separate for purposes of IBR
  121. How to file 982
  122. Wife and I living in separate states due to new job
  123. Taxes withheld in NY, NC and NYC. Not sure which forms I need to file.
  124. to file separate or joint
  125. Siblings living together, filing questions
  126. Multiple years
  127. husband lives in different state
  128. My Spouse was claimed as a dependent by her parent
  129. HH Filing Status under Abandoned Spouse Rules
  130. EFIN if you have a Tax Software
  131. Can my boyfriend claim me and two kids?
  132. Claiming Tax treaty benefit for 2012
  133. No Income
  134. My w-2 has nothing filled in on the fed.income tax w/h box or ion the state income tax box?? What do i do?
  135. Will i need a 1099g if i filed unemployment in dec 2013 but didnt receive anything till january
  136. who gets to claim what?
  137. Correct 1096
  138. girlfriend and dependent
  139. Louisiana State Tax
  140. Do I need to file 1099-MISC as foreign national
  141. Need help with box 17-18 on 1099 MISC for Independent Contractor in different state
  142. HOH vs Single
  143. Tax Report for Foreign Sub Contractor
  144. FT job & PT direct sales home business. What tax forms do I use?
  145. so confused, filing status?
  146. 1099k and paypal contact name
  147. Business Name vs. Individual Name - 1099 Filing
  148. Tax Question
  149. 1099 and U.S. Employee living in Canada
  150. filing problem
  151. What are the tax filing requirements for an Alien Departing the US?
  152. Confused about Independant Contractor Tax Situation
  153. Annuity owned by an irrevocable trust
  154. Claiming a Dependent in 2012
  155. Is MFS best option?
  156. Deductions
  157. Filing Dilema
  158. Dual status first year choice- foreign income exclusion?
  159. state return issue
  160. Foreign Precious Metals Account?
  161. Head of Household itemized deductions
  162. Mary Kay
  163. EIC and Joint Custody
  164. Ohio School District Taxes Misfiled
  165. IRS is tightening rules on issuing individual tax ID Numbers!
  166. Tax Deduction& Returns when Spouse is a NRA
  167. New Resident - Foreign Income - Tax Situation
  168. concurrently filing for 3 past years, not sure how to fill form 2555-EZ
  169. School District Income Tax
  170. Tax forms help
  171. Head of Household - Nondependent Child
  172. Tax filing as single, not legally married
  173. Filing Head of Household
  174. How to report 1099a on a 2011 Tax Return
  175. Form 1098T for H4 to F1 visa
  176. Question about carryover losses.
  177. How can taxpayer's extend the due date for filing their 2011 Individual Income tax return?
  178. Non-qualified Deferred Compensation penalty
  179. I need help!!! do I have to file 2011 taxes? or should I ammend 2010?
  180. form 1099 and 1096
  181. 3 year limit on claiming refunds
  182. Self employed out of state... HELP!
  183. Dissolved Foundation and Taxes
  184. Able to claim as a dependent or not?
  185. Illinois tax returns not filed
  186. Reporting pre-marriage income
  187. Claiming my fiance and baby?
  188. 1099-Q - who files the form?
  189. Husband owes backed child support
  190. When can a taxpayer claim a minor sibling as a dependent?
  191. Corrected 1099-Misc
  192. What are the 1099-Misc Deadline Due Dates for Tax Year 2011?
  193. Tax Withholding For Newlyweds (HELP!)
  194. Dual Status Alien - Foreign Income
  195. Live with disabled ex wife
  196. what do i do???
  197. IRS issues stringent filing requirements of Form 8938 to taxpayers with substantial foreign assets.
  198. 1099 for online advertising?
  199. What forms to send in with late 2009 return
  200. How long should "account holders" or taxpayers reporting a FBAR report, retain records of the foreign accounts?
  201. Could the cumulative FBAR penalties potentially exceed the amount in a taxpayer's foreign accounts?
  202. What happens if taxpayer who is required to file an FBAR and fails to do so?
  203. How can a taxpayer amend a previously filed FBAR?
  204. Where should taxpayers file the FBAR reporting form?
  205. When is the FBAR reporting due?
  206. How do filers of the FBAR report their accounts to the IRS?
  207. What constitutes signature or other authority over an account for FBAR reporting purposes?
  208. What is a United States person in the context of FBAR reporting purposes?
  209. What does the IRS mean when it says a foreign country in the context of FBAR reporting purposes?
  210. Which Taxpayers are required to file an FBAR?
  211. What is FBAR and what is the Reporting Form Number?
  212. Head of Household December Marriage?
  213. Partnership Purchases
  214. filing taxes - unemployment
  215. At what level of income besides SS am I required to file a return?
  216. Need to file taxes for two states?
  217. Issue with refiling - deadline?
  218. Question About Filing Singe Or Married
  219. 1099-MISC for Garnishment
  220. International marriage, untaxed income, income in two states
  221. 1096 irs 2009 error
  222. amend 1096
  223. 1099 Misc corrections for previous years
  224. Can I claim my husband since we are separated
  225. Unpaid Licensed Minister
  226. Work in CT live in MA
  227. Filing California 540 or 540NR?
  228. Can my roommate claim me?
  229. qualifying relative gross income test
  230. Military spouse is confused
  231. what does he file me as?
  232. Head of Household
  233. question about wife's status
  234. can I claim single if separated husband claims HOH
  235. filing status if husband claims HOH and we are not legally separated
  236. Need to know how wife and I should file
  237. Who Can My Husband Claim?
  238. Can my wife's boyfriend claim our son on his taxes?
  239. Do i have to include my wifes w-2.
  240. Which classes of nonimmigrants and nonresident aliens are exempt from U.S. Social Security and Medicare taxes?
  241. amending 2008 return
  242. Itin
  243. Head of Household
  244. Online Business Seller Need Tax Return Help for 2009
  245. filing for inmate
  246. Should I ammend my return?
  247. Trying to figure out how to claim my son
  248. recently married
  249. Bankruptcy, foreclosure
  250. Can I still claim my college-bound 23 Year Old Child as a dependent?