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  1. Trying to figure out how to claim my son
  2. recently married
  3. Bankruptcy, foreclosure
  4. Can I still claim my college-bound 23 Year Old Child as a dependent?
  5. tax credit
  6. Injured Spouse??
  7. Working Overseas
  8. 1099-Misc problem
  9. K-1 from MLP implies non-resident state income tax filings
  10. Paying foreign taxes - have to file in USA?
  11. US Citizen paying foreign taxes have to file?
  12. Pay tax for two states??
  13. Dual Status or Resident Alien?
  14. MFS or MJS?
  15. What are the disadvantages of filing Married Filing Separate on your individual tax returns?
  16. joint filing
  17. Separated - spouse filed single
  18. Mary Kay and taxes question
  19. We have not received a 1099 from a dissolved company.
  20. Should I be filing as MFJ or MFS?
  21. Filing Mary Kay
  22. divorced and need to know how to file last year's Virginia state tax refund
  23. who can claim dependent?
  24. multi state income
  25. I forgot to send a 1099 MISC to associate. Will they waive the penalty just once?
  26. How to file to get the best returns?
  27. Client Filed 1099 For the Wrong Year, Now What?
  28. husband owes back child support but has no income
  29. Working and living in two states
  30. multiple states
  31. claiming our adult child who lives with us
  32. State Income Taxes part of the Year
  33. First Time Homebuyer - News to me
  34. I am on H1B with company A. Can I get income from company B on 1099?
  35. Partnership Changes To Sole Proprietorship
  36. Filing to receive overpayment of past income tax after 501c3 approval
  37. Filing a Non-Profit or a For-Profit Federal Tax Return
  38. amendments
  39. Who Should File an Individual Tax Return in 2009?
  40. How much does a student have to make before they are required to file a tax return?
  41. Shared home and income but single.....
  42. tax debacle! help!
  43. Do I need to file an amended return?
  44. Nj General Partnership Annual Filing Requirement?
  45. No 1099 received from questionable builder
  46. When I filed a 1099 by mistake
  47. Do I have to file state taxes?
  48. I support my child and his mother 100%, with 2 residence addresses
  49. I moved from AZ to WA before family did
  50. 1099 Misc
  51. Tax Filing Status
  52. Whats The Deadline For Employee To Give W2 And Is It Legal To Give Both 1099 And W2?
  53. 401K an asset when determining insolvency?
  54. If 2 or more taxpayers claim a dependent in the same year, who would the IRS allow?
  55. Filing between Parents
  56. Amended prior year taxes
  57. Form Help and 401 k help
  58. wrong address on 1099
  59. do i have to send 1099 in with my taxes
  60. Tax Preparer Mistake!
  61. non traditional household
  62. Same Job, 2 States of Recidency
  63. possible amended tax form??
  64. What conditions have to be met in order claim a qualifying child as a dependent?
  65. does anyone know if i require to file 940 and 944 if i have no employee?
  66. Amended 1099 & W2's Statute of limitations for 2004
  67. FBAR reporting requirements
  68. Reporting Requirements for Silver or Gold
  69. 2008 California Tax Filing Requirement
  70. Changing a LLC to a Sub Chapter S in NYS
  71. I am the costudial parent
  72. filings from previous years
  73. 2008 Tax rebate
  74. Does a Trust Account need to file
  75. Who is required to file a tax return for Decedent?
  76. multi state filing
  77. Are there any negative consequences of filing married filing separate?
  78. What exactly is a 83(b) Election?
  79. finally some help
  80. would a1099M error correction lead to Audit
  81. Do You Need to File a Federal Income Tax Return?
  82. common law marriage Tennessee
  83. filing married joint or married separate
  84. Help...help...help...
  85. What is the IRS classification of taxpayers for US Tax Purposes?
  86. What are the 2007 Tax Rates for Head of Household Filers?
  87. Will IRS accept an amended tax return that is electronically filed?
  88. Why Delinquent Taxpayers should file Individual Tax Returns as soon as possible?
  89. What are the consequences of not filing an extension & I am expecting a refund?
  90. Last Minuite Tax Filing Tips For 2006 Tax Return:
  91. filing our 2006 taxes jointly or separately?
  92. Head of Household rules
  93. Can I Claim my elderly parents?
  94. Full-Time Student-Who should claim me??
  95. Dependent Exemption