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Question Claiming a Dependent in 2012

Please examine the documentation below. Anna Ross was my girlfriend for a year an lived in my home in 2012 making less than $3800 gross income. I loaned her a total $4193.61 while she resided in my home. it was a verbal LOAN, she agreed to pay back. Now, Anna is stating that I claimed here as a dependent on my taxes for 2012 without her permission. And said if I dont send her $1000 cash, then she is going to call the IRS to file for tax fraud against me. (she called already). She still owes me for the loan and wanted to use her taxes to pay off some of it. Anna gave me her SS# and authorized me to to set up a Walmart money card, file her back taxes for her as an independent for 2010 - approx $823, which she was going to sign over to me once the check arrived at my address...it never has ~ she claims I have it and threw it away? She authorized me to claim her as a dependent on my taxes for 2012 (which did not really give me a huge tax break anyway, considering her loan amount). Anna wants money now, and wants to file her 2012 taxes. She is claiming I stole her return money by claiming her as a dependent without her permission. Anna gave me permission and gave me her SS#. How can I be penalized for this. I did not commit fraud and steal her SS#. Is this going to come down to her word against mine, and does she have a right to file for tax fraud against me having no proof? Also, her gross income for 2012 was under $3800.

The full story: I emailed her this statement/doc. I blocked her cell. I have a spreadsheet with six tabs documenting each item, cash, bill payment, loading money card cash, that I "LOANED" not "GAVE" to her.

Before Anna Ross’s Felony incarceration in Bay County Florida: I, Kimberly A Smith, loaned and provided financial assistance to Anna Nicole Ross during the entire year of 2012 (she resided in Kim’s home); and part of the year 2013 (she did not reside in Kim’s home). Additionally upon Anna Ross’s request in desperation, Kim Smith provided financially for Anna Ross upon her release from incarceration for several felony charges; Anna did not reside in Kim’s home upon release in 2013, however; there was a verbal and financial agreement made for Anna Ross to pay Kim Smith back what was loaned to Anna prior to the incarceration. In addition, Kim Smith proceeded to loan Anna Ross financially upon release. There are further debts that have accrued on the attached spreadsheet. See below:

*STATEMENT: Anna Ross’s consent:

Kim Smith assisted Anna Ross by initiating the requested set-up of a Wal-Mart MoneyCard in Anna’s name upon her release from incarceration. Kim Smith was provided her SS# and authorization by Anna Ross’s to immediately LOAD Anna’s new Wal-Mart MoneyCard with cash via Kim Smith’s Wells Fargo bank account; and Kim was provided thorough and complete authorization to access the MoneyCard to LOAD the LOANS/monies (e.g. usernames and passwords were provided by Anna – Kim could load money on her card online). The purpose for Kim Smith to assist Anna Ross and perform this process, was to load and LOAN Anna monies directly from Kim Smith’s personal Wells Fargo bank account funds directly onto Anna Ross’s Wal-Mart MoneyCard (*With a small fee of $2.95 for each transfer charged, to Kim Smith). Anna Ross authorized all of Kim Smith’s transactions to load/deposit funds onto Anna Ross’s Wal-Mart MoneyCard online for loan and money purposes (reload), and to fund Anna Ross temporarily for specifically allocating Anna’s: cell phone bill, food, cigarettes, hotels, gas, accessories, etc..etc..On March 11, 2013, Kim Smith decided to then cease all funding to Anna Ross’s Wal-Mart MoneyCard, due to Anna's deliberate failure to repay any amount at all of her loans due to Kim Smith *(the specific loans are visible in the spreadsheet). Anna Ross continued to verbally threaten Kim Smith to further extrapolate additional funds unnecessarily for Kim Smith to distribute into Anna’s account (e.g. $1000 for her 2012 tax payback); even though Anna is currently grossing $1800/month. Anna continues to eagerly want more monies paid out to her directly from Kim Smiths Wells Fargo Account onto her Wal-Mart Money Card.

*NOTE: All funding has been ceased via Kim Smith, due to Anna Ross’s negligence to contribute and pay her loan payments, as promised.

This was the last authorized deposit/distribution/LOAN that Kim Smith made to Anna Ross’s Wal-Mart MoneyCard; in a continuous effort to LOAN Anna’s troubled financial state. Anna has shown no effort to attempt to pay even as much as $20.00/month of the $4193.61 LOAN/DEBT back to Kim Smith. Kim Smith will no longer be contributing to Anna’s financial stipulations. Please open the Excel spreadsheet (all six tabs).

Wal-Mart Money Card Deposit
CHECK CRD PURCHASE 03/09 VESTA WALMART MONE 888-7732211 OR 473702XXXXXX2774 003068783917790 ?MCC=6051

****There are SIX Excel spreadsheet tabs attached on one sheet. Read them very carefully. Anna Ross has been provided for: financially and unconditionally by a non-family member, Kim A Smith, from November 2011 through March 13th, 2013. Please review the entire spreadsheet. This was not a free loan. This was verbally agreed loan assistance between both Anna N Ross and Kim A Smith; to be paid back to Kim Smith (the loaner) interest-free by Anna Ross in reasonable payment increments agreed upon. Kim Smith has no obligations, property or debt to Anna Ross.

*A Descriptive memo/note from Kim A Smith to Anna N Ross:
Dear Anna:
I find you have been extremely gifted; in that I’ve expunged your financial blows, for the benefit of your financial downfalls; I will no longer provide you with financial assistance. You will not receive any further loans, beneficiaries, or financial support from me, nor will you receive any items or monies from me from this day forward. Our verbal agreements can be a complete “Wash” (in your favor of $4193.61). If you choose to pay back your debts owed to me; I will appreciatively allocate them accordingly on the spreadsheet provided. You won’t pay me back. This is why it’s a “wash”. Leave it.
“This is a verbal and financial “Wash” of all monies and items. There will not be any further financial support provided to you by me (Kim Smith). There will be no return or exchange of items. It is not a requirement, thus; your support has ceased.”



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