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  1. 1099-A for foreclosed property
  2. Seller Financing & Capital Gains
  3. How to report capital gains after divorce?
  4. capital gains/divorce
  5. Selling a Rental (Owned Less Than 2 Years)
  6. Net Carry Over Loss on Foreclosed Residential Property
  7. Foreign Capital Gains Tax
  8. Ammortization of foreign bonds
  9. Carryover to Estate of Unused Personal Capital Losses?
  10. Reporting foreclosure settlement as capital gain
  11. Final K1 Capital Gain
  12. Capital gains on selling foreign property
  13. Capital Gains Tax on Gifted Property
  14. Loss on conversion from after-tax 401K to Roth IRA
  15. sale of former home
  16. Capital Gains Tax for non-residnets FL vs PR
  17. Sale of a home that used to be a rental
  18. How much I owe for federal?
  19. No federal tax
  20. completing a CA 540X
  21. Multiple Asset Entity with Unknown Basis in Each
  22. No tax basis for a stock sale
  23. Stock and Re-Investment
  24. Close on Building 12/2013 or 1/2014?
  25. What are the long term tax rates on Gains on Sales of Collectible Assets?
  26. I hold shares of the same mutual fund at two separate brokerage houses. When I sell a fund from one brokerage, can i use their cost basis?
  27. capital gain,advance tax & tds
  28. Large One-time Capital Gain
  29. Amend 2009 return and carry over a loss to 2013?
  30. How does a capital loss carry-over from an amended return?
  31. income tax-Capital Gain
  32. NonDividend Distribution - How to apply on 1040
  33. Unknown cost Basis
  34. Foreign Bank Investment
  35. income tax calculation
  36. Cap Gains from Sale of Living Grantor's Primary Residence from Irrevocable Trust
  37. Capital Gains/Loss on converted property
  38. Cost basis for surviving owner's security
  39. Reporting Capital Losses with Foreign (Bahamas) Stock Brokerage
  40. How to account for investment loss from K1
  41. Form 8949 adjustment to basis for Schedule K-1
  42. Stock Options
  43. capital gain
  44. Capital Gains on home sale
  45. Non dividend distribution ?
  46. how do I calculate disallowed wash-sale losses???
  47. Foreign Precious Metals Account?
  48. Sale of Non residence
  49. 25% Depreciation recapture is higher than the tax rate in the years we took the depreciation
  50. IRS Letter - Confusion Concerning Gains.
  51. What is the impact on the Capital Gains Tax for as a result of the possible Tax Law Changes in 2013?
  52. msc40
  53. Reducing Taxes from captial Gains
  54. Stepped Up Basis on land that changed hands a LOT
  55. Disallowed Wash Sales
  56. Maximizing consumer's,employee's salary,and shareholder's value
  57. capital gains tax shareholders
  58. Distinguishing Shareholder Loans from Capital Contribution
  59. Capital Gains Tax for exiting shareholders
  60. capital gains tax increase
  61. capital loss for second home
  62. capital gain or comission?
  63. Deduction of Loss from Investment Property
  64. Brokeragelink account via work 401k
  65. capital gains non-U.S. citizen living outside the U.S
  66. Tornado destroyed house
  67. A gain on a loss on a home sale?
  68. Reporting Disallowed Wash Sale Losses
  69. Inherited Jewelry - How to Calculate Capital Gains
  70. Cost Basis for worthless security
  71. How to handle multiple brokerage accounts for Form 8949?
  72. How do I report my foreign currency investment?
  73. capital gains on a rental property
  74. sale of inherited property
  75. Basis of Stock
  76. Gain-Loss Netting
  77. capitol Gains
  78. Dad moving to USA selling his house in the UK
  79. Gainskeeper and 1099-B Proceeds do not match
  80. Considering tax consequences, should I rent out a house that I will inherit and probably sell, that has appreciated in value.
  81. Should I rent out a property that I will inherit and probably sell, that has appreciated in value.
  82. Tax on Foreign Property
  83. Does Interest Expense change qualified Dividends?
  84. How much of the Capital Gain is excluded on "Sales of Qualified Business Stock"?
  85. Stock Split
  86. Capital Gains Nightmare
  87. capital gains tax break on the sale of my home.
  88. How can a taxpayer make a Mark to Market Election?
  89. What is the primary benefit to stock traders for making a "Mark to Market Election"?
  90. What is the implication to a stock trader to make a Mark-to-Market Election under IRC Sec. 475(f)?
  91. California capital gains on out of state family farm
  92. US greencard holder and foreign capital gains tax liabilities
  93. Do I report capital gains if taxes were already withheld?
  94. Stepped-up basis vs. Sale Price
  95. Sale of inherited house
  96. US capital gains tax on sale of foreign inherited property
  97. Estimating Cost Basis with unknow purchase date
  98. Esop - Qrp
  99. Capital loss question
  100. 1099-B but no backup
  101. Capital Loss carryover in an individual multi-state return
  102. Capital loss carryover in a multi state return
  103. capital gains when sold company
  104. Inherited Stock
  105. cashed in retirement early
  106. capital gains and cost basis with a spin-off
  107. cost basis and capital gains
  108. Inheritance of real Property
  109. cost basis
  110. note receivable gift
  111. Deduct margin interest?
  112. Where should the recognized gain from the sale of a principal residence be reported?
  113. What are the rules regarding the reporting of the Sale of a Personal Residence?
  114. Stock Sale
  115. ESOP Plan Tax Question
  116. Need help figuring out cost basis
  117. 1099-b
  118. What are Section 1256 Contracts and how are the gain and losses treated for tax purposes?
  119. What is the meant by Selling Short Against the Box (Constructive Sale)?
  120. What are the strategies available to avoid to the Wash Sale rules?
  121. What are the Tax Impact of Wash Sales?
  122. Do I have to report exercised options ?
  123. Sale of parental home
  124. How does the IRS treat the gains from Flipping off mulitiple foreclosure properties bought and sold within a short period of time?
  125. capital gain
  126. Would I be entitled to deduct a loss from the sale of my personal residence in 2010?
  127. Business Assets Sold
  128. Both Inheriting and Selling a Home in 2010 - HELP!
  129. Selling Inherited Property
  130. Selling an inherited apartment
  131. Unknown cost basis of a spinoff and unknown basis date
  132. treatment of capital gain ax on slump sale,asset purchase agreement,amalgamation.
  133. treatment of capital gain tax in case of slump sale,asset purchase agreement and amalgamtion
  134. 2010 Laws on sale of realestate inherited
  135. Capital gain on inherited property
  136. Schedule D Line 14
  137. Capital Gains/Losses in Kids Accounts
  138. Capital Gains & Losses for Child Account
  139. How to report the amount in 1099-B when I didn't sell any stocks on my own ?
  140. 2009 Consolidated 1099
  141. re: Zero Coupon Bonds
  142. sale of inherited property ?
  143. Espp Sale
  144. Restricted Stock Units
  145. Home deeded to me sold
  146. Unknown Acquisition Data & Cost
  147. Unknown Tax Basis for mutual funds
  148. Unknown Tax Basis for mutual funds
  149. Company divided and split stock - Basis???
  150. Timing of Income Received
  151. Gambling win/loss claiming
  152. Sale of a non principal residence
  153. To 1031 or not
  154. What's my the best tax strategy?
  155. 1099s served for Short Sale on Invest Property
  156. Dissolved C Corp xferred in Estate Sells Real Property
  157. Update Cost Basis upon Death of Co-Owner?
  158. S-corp loss offsetting long term cap gains
  159. Tax rates on stock sold?
  160. The IRS has extended the "Exemption for Certain Distributions From Mutual Funds".
  161. Cost Basis Liquidating stocks after death
  162. If I buy a house, sell it shortly afterwards, for a profit, and reinvest the profit..
  163. what about "other" gains/losses???
  164. Capital Gains on a Short Sale?
  165. Capital Gains on Stock Sale from Trust
  166. which method to calc basis?
  167. Can capital losses less than $3,000 be carried over?
  168. Need to sell business in order to get capital gains treatment
  169. Need Clarification on Installment Method/Capital Gain
  170. Won Settlement against Stock Broker
  171. Underpayment penalty due to unforseen capital gains
  172. Sale of business property
  173. Primary Home unable to sell due to housing crisis
  174. Unknown cost basis or purchase date
  175. Wash Sale questions.
  176. Tax Facts About Capital Gains and Losses
  177. Cost basis?????????
  178. Capital Gains Tax - House sale
  179. 1099-B question
  180. Sold rental property in non resident state
  181. Help with 1099-B and Schedule D, Wal-Mart Stock Maintenance Fee
  182. custodian on brokerage account for son
  183. How to place a value on personal labor
  184. capital gains basis calculation method
  185. Taxes and short sales
  186. What are the tax consequences of Put and Call options?
  187. How is the Capital Gain reported on an Installment Sale?
  188. What requirements have to be met to use an Installment Method of reporting?
  189. Tax loss harvesting
  190. Will I Pay???
  191. 2008 Capital Gains & Qualified Dividends Tax Rate
  192. Tax Implication for sale of adjacent lot on Principal Residence?
  193. tax on foreign listed shares
  194. Tax Proposal for US Congress
  195. Cost Basis after Acquisition
  196. land swap
  197. Capital Gains
  198. At what rate are dividends taxed?
  199. ESPP related tax question..(and covered calls)
  200. If the Ownership/Use Test are not met, can the gain on sale of home be excluded?
  201. Reinvested capital gains
  202. tax basis for inherited stock
  203. How must I report a 1099-Div received from my Mutual Fund?
  204. Stock Transaction Advice
  205. Capital Loss in Trading
  206. Mutual fund sale avoid double tax?
  207. TDS on home laon for NRI
  208. Unknown basis
  209. How to report Loss- Stocks Bought in Dec 2006, sold in Feb 2007..
  210. Bough in Dec 2006, sold in Feb 2007.. Big Loss
  211. What happens when you sustain a capital loss of more than $3,000?
  212. What does Wash Sale Rule mean and could it apply in my situation?
  213. Home sale cap gains in divorce non-resident
  214. Why Tax loss selling is not the best idea for Volatile Stocks?
  215. 2007 Tax Strategy for Stock Losses Incurred in 2007
  216. Will Capital Losses on investment property be offset against Gains from Stock trades?
  217. How long to wait to avoid higher capital gains tax?
  218. Form 6781 and line 6 (whether to carry back loss)
  219. write offs on capital gains on second home
  220. How Much Is The Capitol Gains Tax For....
  221. Capital Losses on the sale of Second home turned into Rental Property?
  222. Can I deduct repairs incurred due to flood on my tax return?
  223. Second home tax question
  224. Am I required to list all my individual stock trades on my schedule D ?
  225. Can I deduct a losses from a personal loan??
  226. I Sold inherited stock! How do I calculate my basis?
  227. Can u write off a loss on sale of home?
  228. Offset Capital Losses with Rental Income
  229. Capital Losses carryover period allowed
  230. Sale of Principal Home