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  1. Irrevocable Trust - Final Year
  2. impact of inheritance and health coverage tax credit
  3. Questions about an investment in SPXL
  4. Cryptocurrency Cost Basis
  5. Long Term Capital Gains question
  6. Capital Losses and partial holdings sale
  7. Fresh cut bank instrument for lease/sale, such as BG,SBLC, MTN, Bank Bonds
  8. Principal Residence definition
  9. Capital gains on sale of second home
  10. Money after foreclosure sale
  11. Capital gains 15% bracket
  12. Wrong Accounting Method and Refiling
  13. Joint Tenants Splitting Capital Gains on Rental Property
  14. capital gains-individual income
  15. Second House- Capital Gains
  16. Family Farm in LLC, Cost Basis, Tax requirements, Capital Gains
  17. Cap. Gains; Owned 1 year, lived in for 3
  18. Capital Gains and Company Stock Fund in 401K
  19. LT Capital Gain?
  20. Tax Implications of Gifting Rental to Daughter
  21. Capital Gains from LLC Owned Real Estate
  22. Help w/Cap Gains Taxes on Rental Property
  23. A tricky one?
  24. Tax issues on subdividing primary residence
  25. Sold half of my primary residence (condo conversion)
  26. Capital Gains ? Kinda odd situation
  27. capital gains on gifted vacation home
  28. Determining Cost Basis for Sale of Primary Residence
  29. Capital gains tax on recently inherited home
  30. IRA and Capital Gains
  31. Capital Gains/Losses for sale of inherited property if sold under fair market value
  32. Capital Gains Exclusion primary & 2nd home
  33. Capital Loss
  34. Capital gains on Inherited property in Louaiana
  35. Capital Gains Tax Partial Exclusion
  36. Selling Second Property
  37. Capital Gains Tax Rate
  38. Should I sell now or in Jan2018?
  39. minerals capilal gains
  40. Home Sale / Capital Gains Tax?
  41. Home gifted to me
  42. Capital gains on home sale- where to start.
  43. Capital gain tax
  44. Capital gains on old stock
  45. Exclude gain on sale of house - 2 year rule
  46. Transfer my rental to my daughter llc
  47. Capital Gains from Life Estate
  48. Sale of flip home
  49. Calculating capital gains on a triplex I live in
  50. How to calculate capital loss from foreclosure of rental property (nonrecourse debt)
  51. Capital gains
  52. Selling (lease) option after three years
  53. Gain from Partial Condemnation of Primary Residence
  54. Capital gains and a gift from my mother
  55. Long Term Capital Gains on Stock Investment
  56. Undetermined Transaction/ Custodial Account
  57. Capital Gains on house sale
  58. Selling vacation property.
  59. Capital gains on sale of mineral rights
  60. capital loss carryover not reported in previous years
  61. 1031 Exchange Questions
  62. 2 primary residences 1 year. Zero income
  63. Income from sale of a relative's home...
  64. Sold 2 properties in 2016, which do I pay taxes on? Both? None?
  65. Need some help with my taxes please :)
  66. Were we in the 15% bracket or not ?
  67. Inherited House - are there tax deductions for repairs/improvements?
  68. Is it possible to gift long-term gain assets by selling first then writing a check?
  69. how to vet a tax attorney ??
  70. facing $200,000 capital gains tax
  71. Cashing out my mutual fund
  72. Capital Gains on selling out of REIT
  73. SUPER spy 5 Jason Bourne Bourne 5 2016
  74. Are Cap Gains excluded from Fed AGI also excluded from State AGI?
  75. 26 U.S. Code ? 1202 - Partial exclusion for gain from certain small business stock
  76. Capital Gain on Invest Property/Personal Residence
  77. Sale of Home Exemption
  78. Taxes on logging from recreational property
  79. quick question
  80. Roll over on capital gains?
  81. Wash sale rule disallows loss from payment of qaruterly dividend less than 1 month prior to sale
  82. Solo 401K
  83. Relocation - Sale primary residence
  84. Selling of partnership interest and no K-1
  85. Depreciation Recapture
  86. death of rental property owner..........
  87. Capital Gains On Inherited Property Outside Usa
  88. 83(b) Election - Partners Share Price VS. Investor Share Price
  89. CP2000 for 2014 help
  90. joint ownership
  91. Moved and sold 2 homes in a year for jobs
  92. jointly owned house sale with mother - help!!!
  93. Foreign Tax Withheld
  94. Proceeds From a Class Action
  95. Capital gains tax on home sale
  96. Selling an investment property that we used to live in?
  97. I sold a business, can I sell my home to a family member for a loss to offset the tax on the business?
  98. How to Report Cost Basis Adjustment for Non Dividend Distributions
  99. File Capital loss for Master Limited Partnerships
  100. Capital Gains on Investment Property
  101. Form 1099?
  102. Capital gains tax
  103. To pay capital gains tax this year or...
  104. calculating gain on sold mobile home
  105. mutual fund interest & dividend tax in non-resident state
  106. Sale of LLC Share
  107. Transfer of capital gains
  108. Re-investing capital gains from a "start-up"
  109. Capital gains due to buyout
  110. Statute of Limitations on past return?
  111. Complicated
  112. Real estate transaction and tax implications
  113. partial owner discount applied to basis?
  114. Assistance with LT Capital Gains for a land sale please
  115. Capital gains on property purchased from parents
  116. Tax Advice for foreign alien margin account.
  117. capitol gains selling home
  118. Capitol Gain on home owned for less than 2 years
  119. Capital Gains on a gifted primary residence
  120. real estate cost basis, multiple owner discount
  121. Determine my capital gains
  122. sell of home
  123. tax status of certain dividends on inherited stocks
  124. Capital loss
  125. capital gains on inheritance
  126. Capital Gains upon marriage
  127. Gain on sale of principal residence
  128. Do I have to pay capital gains tax cashing out mutual funds from prior to 2012?
  129. When do the '2 years' begin, when inheriting a home?
  130. Capital gains on jointly owned investment real estate
  131. PTP- publicly traded partnership partial sales
  132. LT cap gains harvesting
  133. Short Term Investing - Invested $20000 Return $80000 in 24 hours
  134. transaction to account as capital gains
  135. The Best HYIP Pays the Best Return 2000% ROI In 24 Hours
  136. Capital Gains Question Related To Stock Sale
  137. Gain on sale of principal residence and AMT
  138. Sell primary home in CA then move to Florida
  139. Selling 2 houses question
  140. VA Cap Gains tax required if zero income?
  141. Taxedtodeath
  142. Capital Gains on Stock Sales
  143. Sale of Primary Property and Retal Property
  144. Capital gains
  145. Selling foreign house
  146. Do I have to file? no income, only capital gains
  147. Sale of primary residence
  148. Sch K-1 (Form 1041) Line 11D
  149. Deeds, Capital Gains... Etc..
  150. Unmarried couple and capital gains
  151. Schedule D amended return
  152. Property Sold And Bought New Properties
  153. Once capital gains are paid is the balance still taxable regular income.
  154. Capital Gain buyout
  155. capital gains tax rate for 15% income tax bracket
  156. real estate sale and capital gains question
  157. Using Line 19 on Sch D doubled my taxes
  158. Insolvency did not include our current mortgage balance
  159. Do I have to mail in form 8453 for form 8949 if I already filed this info on schedules D E and form 8949?
  160. Condemned property outside US
  161. private land sale
  162. Caplital Loss Deduction
  163. Non-Business Bad Debt Relationship Question
  164. Does Foreign Currency Exchange count as "securities"?
  165. What counts as Securities besides Stock?
  166. Tax Basis
  167. How to pay capital gains when two parties have rights to the asset?
  168. Installment Sale Income
  169. Gains on two houses in military.
  170. Capital Gains. I think.
  171. Cost basis for stocks inherited from an individual through a Residuary Trust
  172. Real Estate Tax - From Rental back to Primary Home
  173. Is there a Cost Basis for Add Shares and Remove Shares.
  174. How to enter info for sell to cover RSU
  175. help with form 8949
  176. Claiming Loss Sale of Land Property
  177. No Purchase Date for Stocks
  178. spin off
  179. Sale of Home in Austria - where to pay tax on sale
  180. Short sale and long stock purchase combo. Is it a wash?
  181. When filing form 8949 is necessary
  182. Captial Gains on Professional Goodwill
  183. Sale of cabin in different state
  184. Wash Sales and selling out of the money puts (1- 1/2 years before) selling stock for a loss? See details.
  185. 1099A and 1099C Help
  186. Reporting step up in basis
  187. House Sale
  188. capital gain tax on foreign currency exchange
  189. Capital Gains Real Estate Proceeds
  190. Forced sale of private options
  191. 0% Long Term Capital Gains
  192. distribution
  193. House Sale
  194. Capital Gains vs. Regular Income
  195. Capital Gains on Inherited Property
  196. OK to not use capital gain loss carryfoward if in 0% cap gain bracket?
  197. Capital Gains from a raffle
  198. House inherited; later gifted; cost basis
  199. Capital gains loss as tax deduction
  200. LTCG in 2014
  201. Paper gold, physical gold, and wash sale rules
  202. Inherited real estate proving market value
  203. How can I correct the undetermined cost basis after I omitted filing of Form 8949?
  204. 1982 Date of Death and Cost Basis
  205. capital gains what is the basis?
  206. Home appreciation rollover into new home
  207. Super simple capital gains question for a Rental Property..
  208. Foreign inheritance and US tax implications
  209. Capital Gain exclusion - married and multiple properties prior to marriage
  210. Inherited House
  211. Accidently misclassified a capital gains transaction as short term rather than long term
  212. Estimating CG for Widowed Retiree who just sold his home
  213. Interrupting Capital Loss Carry Over
  214. sold rental/ primary residence
  215. Basic Cost Calculation - Need Your Help
  216. CPA calculated capitol loss incorrectly in 2008 & 2009
  217. Wash Sale Help
  218. Nondividend distribution
  219. Amended 1099-B
  220. old revised / corrected 1099-DIV
  221. Date of Stock Purchase
  222. Do I owe taxes for 1099-s on sale of propety
  223. captial gain/loss on a wedding ring
  224. Bank stock sale
  225. Capital Gains/Loss selling of bank stock
  226. Capital Gains on GNMA
  227. Capital Loss
  228. 1099-A for foreclosed property
  229. Seller Financing & Capital Gains
  230. How to report capital gains after divorce?
  231. capital gains/divorce
  232. Selling a Rental (Owned Less Than 2 Years)
  233. Net Carry Over Loss on Foreclosed Residential Property
  234. Foreign Capital Gains Tax
  235. Ammortization of foreign bonds
  236. Carryover to Estate of Unused Personal Capital Losses?
  237. Reporting foreclosure settlement as capital gain
  238. Final K1 Capital Gain
  239. Capital gains on selling foreign property
  240. Capital Gains Tax on Gifted Property
  241. Loss on conversion from after-tax 401K to Roth IRA
  242. sale of former home
  243. Capital Gains Tax for non-residnets FL vs PR
  244. Sale of a home that used to be a rental
  245. How much I owe for federal?
  246. No federal tax
  247. completing a CA 540X
  248. Multiple Asset Entity with Unknown Basis in Each
  249. No tax basis for a stock sale
  250. Stock and Re-Investment