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  1. Can I keep increasing my W4 exemptions
  2. Quarterly versus Monthly Commission Check
  3. Solar Tax Credit
  4. 2017 Taxes
  5. 1099 Income
  6. Penalty for Underpaid Tax Deposits
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  9. Estimated Taxes
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  22. Money from a foreign government
  23. H4 Dependents tax benifits
  24. Percentage taken out of each paycheck
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  27. taxes owed on a house "flip"
  28. Marginal Tax Rate
  29. Independent Contractor - Calculated Taxes Pt. 2
  30. Independent Contractor - Calculating Taxes
  31. Did the company mess up my W-4?
  32. From Tax Refund to Tax owed
  33. 1099-C question
  34. Estimated tax payments required?
  35. Paying estimated taxes lumpsum in the 4th quarter
  36. Estimated tax amount after 401k withdrawal?
  37. underpayment of estimated tax penalty
  38. Amended return Owed taxes?????
  39. J1 visa retroactive taxation
  40. NYS Withholding Tax
  41. Refund
  42. If my annual salary is 80,000, how much should I expect to be deducted in taxes?
  43. Social security disability question
  44. Discounts/Commission
  45. New to 1099 work
  46. Questions about IRS payment plans/undue hardship
  47. Do I owe grandfather taxes?
  48. Difference in Taxable amount for a rental home
  49. State Taxes
  50. A valid reason to ask for Underpayment Penalty Waiver?
  51. Estimated Quarterly Tax Filing Married Joint
  52. Kuhler Tax Credits
  53. Dependents leaving before year end and after staying almost 4 months
  54. Paying on foreign investment
  55. Tax for selling property outside US
  56. Paying estimated tax on time instead four
  57. inheritance versus cap gains taxes
  58. Amount of Withholding Required to Avoid Penalty
  59. can i avoid paying estimated taxes when 2015 AGI higher
  60. 2015 AGI + 1099 income >> 2014 AGI, help with estimated taxes
  61. Help with dependents
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  68. 2015 Estimated Taxes with job loss
  69. Non-taxable scholarship and tax filling - should it be included in the tax form?
  70. IRA distribution taxable or not
  71. IRA distributions taces
  72. Dual Status tax payer
  73. Penalty or No Penalty
  74. Sales Tax
  75. Spouse Owes Tax On Joint Return
  76. k1 schedule and box 13 credits
  77. SSID Income with Dependant
  78. W-2 and 1099
  79. Health Insurance 2014 rules
  80. Past Tax Return Payments
  81. Early withdrawal from retirement
  82. Taxes
  83. NOL carryback and carry forward dilemma
  84. NRI FD's Taxes
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  86. gift tax
  87. New extra income
  88. estimated tax LLc single member 1st year business
  89. Slight confusion over if what is my due date.
  90. 2013 taxes
  91. Is Child care expense eligible as wife diagnosed with degenerative disc
  92. New baby. New house. Why do I owe?
  93. just my luck
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  99. Implications of selling puts
  100. Stock options (selling puts)
  101. Personal Exemption Phaseout Calculation Confusion
  102. Medicare surtax
  103. question regarding capital gains tax on property sold in 2013
  104. Tax amount differences between H1B visa holders and green card holders and what are the things need to be changed after GC
  105. W4 confusion
  106. Question about number of withholding
  107. Roth IRA early withdrawal penalty?
  108. Am I self employed if i am paid for surveys?
  109. NJ vs NY (Resident alien)
  110. H1 worker - new Resident Alien
  111. Complicated..
  112. Question about Dependent
  113. Regarding dependent
  114. Low federal tax return
  115. How much tax will I pay for 401K withdrawal
  116. France or Tunisian treaty
  117. shoes repair business taxes
  118. LLC estimate tax
  119. Working as IC and part-time employee...
  120. Does the IRS give a break to unemployed taxpayers who cannot pay their 2011 Tax Liabilities?
  121. investment strategy definition
  122. Starting working as 1099 contractor. Need to pay estimated taxes for April?
  123. 401k early withdrawl
  124. How to get full refund on J1 visa thru tax treaty
  125. 1099er working from a fixed office
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  130. Daycare
  131. H1B Visa 401(k) benefit
  132. Filing an Extension
  133. Live in NJ, Work in NY - do I pay NY or NJ state?
  134. Estimated Tax Line 62 1040
  135. independent contractor and employee @ the same time
  136. which ones
  137. more $ from state than federal???
  138. spin off cost basis and capital gains?
  139. Mistake in withholdings - Clergy
  140. my soon to be ex husband already filed!
  141. Dependents for F1 on 1040NR
  142. Biggest return
  143. Two different incomes, get 3000 when seperately filled in, when filed together, only get $500?
  144. Taxes on casino gambling
  145. Should we wait to get married?
  146. nanny paying taxes?
  147. Taxes on Annuity Purchase Payment
  148. withholding number
  149. Tax Concessions To Support Dependents
  150. Uenmployment taxation New York
  151. K1- Box 11
  152. State Tax on money earned on K1 from a different state
  153. Filing in 3 different states
  154. This can't be right...can it?
  155. Frustrated
  156. 2009 withholdings
  157. New Independent Contractor
  158. My refund is almost a thousand less!
  159. new homebuyer credit
  160. new s-corp
  161. When to Pay 4th Quarter Estimated Taxes and Impact on AMT
  162. Effects of paying 4th Quarter Taxes before 12/31 on AMT
  163. How do I pay self employed taxes??
  164. How to fill out Self Employed Taxes?
  165. Work in NYC. Rent in NJ or NYC?
  166. Can you please explain when a taxpayer is required to pay estimated taxes?
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  168. Purchase of Land in Canada on DE C Corp name.
  169. How does a taxpayer know if they have to pay quarterly individual estimated taxe?
  170. Easy Question!
  171. estate state tax
  172. Income tax
  173. Self Employed taxes
  174. Please Help - Paying Estimated Taxes
  175. Federal Return High, State Return Terribly Low
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  181. W-2 with Multi-state Tax reportings
  182. Estimated tax payments and penalties
  183. Estimated tax refunds
  184. NY vs NJ Taxes
  185. When is a taxpayer not required to pay estimate taxes and safely avoid any penalties?
  186. Money owed
  187. Estimated Tax
  188. Help with tuition and student loan interest
  189. Deductions for students
  190. What are the Estimated Tax Payments due dates for tax year 2008?
  191. Today is the deadline for 4th quarter estimated tax payments!
  192. When are the quarterly estimated tax returns due for individual taxpayers?
  193. What to do re: Estimated Tax
  194. IRS reduces Interest Rate on underpayment by 1% for 1st Quarter 2008!
  195. What options are available to a taxpayer when he cannot pay his tax liability?
  196. Must I pay estimated taxes immediately after I receive a big bonus?
  197. How can I check the status of my tax refund?
  198. I filed my tax return and owe a lot of money, should file an extension?
  199. Estimated tax payments
  200. Estimated tax payments 1040-Es vouchers
  201. Penalties and Interest