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  1. Roommate rental and sale
  2. Allocating rental income on shared second home
  3. Providing Housing for my Adult Sons
  4. Sale of primary home used as a rental
  5. rental
  6. Car Rental and LLC
  7. I received a 1099-C from a timeshare that was canceled?
  8. Rental to personal
  9. Rental Property or hard lesson learned?
  10. How can a taxpayer show material participation in a business activity and avoid passive loss limitation rules?
  11. IRS eases on Passive Loss Tests for Limited Partners and LLC Owners!
  12. Rental Income to Sibling
  13. Rental Income
  14. Could you help me calculate approx tax for selling a rental?
  15. Basis of rental property
  16. Capital Losses of Home Converted into Rental Property
  17. Tax implications for renting primary residence
  18. Out of U.S. rent paid
  19. Improvement deduction question
  20. 2nd home
  21. Renting out Home - moving away 2 years for work
  22. My Home is Now Mostly Rental
  23. Never (maybe) Depreciated RENTALS
  24. sold rental house
  25. Rental on vacant land is less than property tax
  26. Can Suspended Losses from Rental Property converted to Personal Residence be released upon sale of another rental property?
  27. Convert personal to rental to personal
  28. Below Market Rent
  29. Must you claim loss in current year or can you take in future year?
  30. Carryover passive losses
  31. Married Filing Separate
  32. how to compute land value
  33. Rental income question about not for profit
  34. Sale of Rental property formerly used as personal residence
  35. Form 1099-S info
  36. Form 4562
  37. Rental Property Cost Basis and Depreciation
  38. 1245 or 1250 property to report on Form 4797???
  39. 1245 or 1250 property to report on Form 4797???
  40. form 1099-a after bankruptcy
  41. Personal Use on Schedule E
  42. Are loan fees from refinance of primary home deductible?
  43. Renting out primary at less than mortgage
  44. Correcting excess depreciation (7 years) and a (stupid) Form 4562 cost-basis
  45. Is rent paid to parents from disabled child's ssi money considered income for the parents?
  46. 1040 Schedule E
  47. First time homebuy tax credit and roommates
  48. How can a taxpayer convert disallowed passive losses into tax-saving deductible losses?
  49. What is the Impact of a Passive Activity classification?
  50. How can a Taxpayer meet the Material Participation Rule and avoid the Passive Rule Limitation Rules being applied to activities with losses?
  51. How is a foreclosure of rental property treated?
  52. Depreciation Question
  53. Property Rental conversion to Primary Residence and Back to Rental Property
  54. How to report sublet income < rental cost ?
  55. Schedule A or E Rental
  56. Homebuyers tax credit & at-home business
  57. Cost basis for depreciable asset with tax credits and rebates
  58. Short Sale Lender issues a borrower a 1099
  59. foreign real estate
  60. Overseas Rental Loss
  61. My rental expenses for renting primary home
  62. Commuting miles to rental property
  63. is there a penelty for below market value?
  64. Passive Losses - NY (Live), PA (Rent)
  65. Rental
  66. commercial real estate for non-profit
  67. Rents and royalties
  68. Sale of rental property -- results in TTax don't seem right
  69. deducting renovation expenses
  70. Short Sale/1099-S
  71. Renting out vacation home to our S Corporation
  72. Sold rental on installment sale
  73. How does a taxpayer report a loss on sale of a rental property on their tax return?
  74. If a taxpayer rents their home for less than 15 days, is that income taxable?
  75. What closing costs related to a purchase of a rental property are deductible?
  76. 2nd residence/apartment rent deductible?
  77. Renting primary residence
  78. Income Too High to Claim Within Year Losses -Options?
  79. Does My Rental Disqualify Me for the First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit
  80. How Does Rental Income Affect AMT?
  81. $25,000 loss--does the deduction have to be taken?
  82. rental below FMV
  83. can my business rent a room?
  84. Now a RE Professional
  85. NJ rental property tax deduction
  86. Foreign rental property depreciation
  87. maximum income for LLC expenses
  88. Utility company rents land
  89. deduct health insurance premiums from rental income
  90. reporting mortgage interest
  91. Real estate professional offsetting Real Este losses against spouse's W-2 income
  92. Rent to own
  93. Real Estate Investors
  94. Moving for job - tax Q RE renting primary residence
  95. Hurricane Ike Total Loss of Beach Home
  96. deductions for rental, now primary residence
  97. Rental Income from Property I do not Own
  98. Deducting Passive Activity Losses
  99. Second Home was used as Rental Property
  100. Prior year carry over loss for Rental Real Estate
  101. Deducting losses on a Rental Home
  102. Are landlords required to include advance rent paid by tenants are as rental income?
  103. Deduction of property used in rental property
  104. When can an Individual offset real estate losses against other income?
  105. Rental Income - Below Market Value
  106. Rental Income - Below Market Value
  107. Amending rental income--red flag?
  108. Real estate property tax question
  109. The IRS has ruled that a Real Estate can be acquired in a Tax Free Exchange!
  110. What is a like-kind exchange and how does it benefit the taxpayer?
  111. division on rental income
  112. Deed of Trust "Leasehold Estate"
  113. Using equity to purchase rental
  114. What closing costs can I deduct from a purchase of a rental property?
  115. Are Security Deposits that are collected from Tennants Taxable?
  116. What are Deductible Rental Real Estate Expenses in 2007?
  117. rental property in trouble
  118. Section 179 deduction for passive loss
  119. Lease/Option to Buy
  120. subleasing profits = taxable income?
  121. real-estate tax question NY and Texas
  122. Maximum Losses allowed for rental losses?
  123. Deductibility of rental improvements property?
  124. Residential Rental Deductions