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  1. Deducting social security and Medicare tax not paid
  2. How important is order of checks in QuickBooks
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  4. Doing more than 80 hours in 15 days
  5. Signing a W-9 when already employed under a W-4?
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  8. Pre-Tax Deducts
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  11. payroll
  12. Stipend, wages, and taxes
  13. Transferring an employee from 1099 to W2?
  14. What are the Penalties for Late Payroll Taxes?
  15. What is the impact on the Payroll Tax as a result of the possible Tax Law Changes in 2013?
  16. Payroll Audit
  17. What is the Social Security Wage Base for 2013?
  18. What are the Important Dates for Payroll Tax For California Payroll Tax Returns for 2012?
  19. What are the New EFTPS Filing Requirement?
  20. Missed tax quarters
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  22. Payroll taxes
  23. S corp - income consideration
  24. How can an Employer avoid possible penalties and interest associated with Payroll Tax Returns?
  25. When Must an Employer Deposit their Payroll Tax Liabilities?
  26. When must an employer file their quarterly 941 payroll tax returns?
  27. How should an employer report on the 941 if their businsess has been closed?
  28. Who is required to file Form 941 Quarterly Payroll Tax Returns/
  29. What is the Purpose of IRS Form 941?
  30. S Corp w/only independent contractors-file 940/941?
  31. Startup LLC and Payroll Taxes Without Revenue
  32. Is it worth putting my spouse on Corporate payroll?
  33. Reasonable Salary for an S Corporation