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  38. What is the definition of “substantial understatement” of income tax?
  39. Under what circumstances is the IRS authorized to impose penalties on a tax return preparer?
  40. IRS tightens compliance rules for Claiming Earned Income Tax Credit on 2011 Tax Returns.
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  46. Looks like a change in the tax code is possible before end of year! Changes will affect Middleclass Taxpayers bigtime!
  47. What is a better investment in this market, a Fixed Annuity or a Variable Annuity?
  48. Are Single Member LLC's or Schedule C filiers more prone to IRS Audits?
  49. What is the latest news on the 1099-Misc requirements?
  50. Self Employed Business people can now amend prior year tax returns to deduct Medicare Premiums as part of their income tax deduction for health insurance on Form 1040!
  51. Can a taxpayer who registered as a 1 member LLC file a 2 member LLC if he has found a partner during the year?
  52. Is the Current tax code flawed? My client received an Earned income tax credit of $5,031? Is this outrageous or not?
  53. IRS audits a small client with Revenue $65,000!
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  58. The IRS requires "Many Tax Return Preparers Required to Use IRS e-file Beginning in 2011!"
  59. Philadelphia Tax Amnesty
  60. The IRS intends to increase audits of expatriates in the near future!
  61. A quick question to CPA's, how many are offering credit card payment options to their clients?
  62. I am curious what Tax Software other CPA's use, and would like them to share their experience!
  63. Anybody have experience in obtaining Late S Corporation elections for C corporation that go back a over 5 years?
  64. Amending S Corporation due to 1 partner address change, what's the procedure?
  65. Senate debating about reduction in payroll taxes for new hires!
  66. Can any CPA advise me of a good site offering cheap CPE credits?