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  1. College Student first time filing taxes - Independent Contractor Tax Filing Questions
  2. Worked in CT, part-year resident in NY and CT
  3. What to do?
  4. State Tax Returns
  5. Rental Real Estate Loss
  6. Refund
  7. Independent student pays parent's rate on scholarship?
  8. student pays parent's rate on scholarship income?
  9. Starting date for Resident Alien
  10. QTP 529 disbursement and 1099Q
  11. Confusion about New Mexico's gross receipts tax
  12. Which year do I claim my fellowship in?
  13. Tax treatment of Puts
  14. Income
  15. income
  16. SSDI for adult disabled child.
  17. 1099-MISC issued to Provider instead of Patient
  18. Standard Deduction
  19. Split Payment - Avoid 1099
  20. Putting on an Event January 2019: Registration Revenue in 2018; Expenses in 2019
  21. earned income
  22. Form 1098-T
  23. Employer charging back withholdings?
  24. Which State do I claim my income in?
  25. How are Distributions from UTMA taxed for capital gains?
  26. Simultaneous Death of Husband and Wife
  27. Student need to file return?
  28. Received 1099-MISC for full payout after settlement of Class action lawsuit
  29. Options?? Debt discharge greatly increased my income making me pay back prem. tax credit
  30. Forms to be included in Tax Return package
  31. 2017 tax returns with only $200 per month
  32. How to claim earnings
  33. Tuition Remission
  34. Should I have received some kind of tax form (e.g. 1099)?
  35. Military and Government Disability Pensions
  36. Moving Expense - Duration of time for claiming lodging expenses
  37. Tax refund garnishment
  38. K-1 part III
  39. new job income tax
  40. Was my partner suppose to deduct from my paycheck to cover workers comp premiums
  41. This Contribution possible?
  42. How would you handle this settlement situation?
  43. Renting House to Ex
  44. W-8BEN clarification needed
  45. Short sale in CT and bankruptcy
  46. Please help student with SSDI
  47. 1099c
  48. How to best make use of tax credit
  49. PA Unfiled Returns
  50. business closing
  51. Vacation trip won
  52. Health premium deduction
  53. One or Many
  54. California Home Sale Question
  55. Invest 0.05 btc Return 2 Bitcoins in 4 hours
  56. How to claim cash made...
  57. No W-2 or 1099
  58. paying my bosses bills
  59. Getting $100k gift payment made to a mortgage
  60. Freelancing with EAD
  61. Lower AGI, IRA for Homemaker Wife Questions
  62. [PLEASE HELP] Overdue tax to IRS
  63. Allocation of basis "step up" upon death of joint owner
  64. How to claim travel expenses
  65. Moving to New State (kind of) - where to file?
  66. Long term capital gain tax
  67. What happens to the refund if taxpayer was in prison?
  68. Is it too late to fix my big tax mistake with WI DOR?
  69. Taxes owed on bank account inheritance?
  70. Estate Income Tax - Current income, past deductions
  71. Lawsuit Proceeds and 1099-MISC
  72. EE bond question
  73. Me and my wife
  74. Resident or Non-resident tax filing?
  75. OIC or leaving my lien Not Collectable
  76. Best tax filing software that imports data
  77. one dollar salary or zero w/ no revenue?
  78. Real Bitcoin Pay 0.1 BTC Return 9 BTC after 24 hours
  79. obama care tax penalty
  80. obama care tax penalty
  81. Unpaid wages settlement
  82. Joint Owners of condo receive 1099-A but no 1099-C
  83. Claiming credit from a foreign income tax credit carryover
  84. Employer put gas as income
  85. Local earned income tax
  86. Recognize income of a corporation in Nevada
  87. distributing inheritance
  88. Question regarding state tax nexus laws
  89. form 1041 schedule k-1
  90. Senior Citizen
  91. Tax Witholdings
  92. Fiance' retired and wanted me to retire as well, she is giving me money to live on.
  93. 1099-C issued in 2015
  94. How much does a part-time working student have to pay taxes?
  95. Should I Amend Marriage Status on Tax Filing
  96. Filing a corrected return before due date
  97. non dividend income
  98. Final Form 1041
  99. Child Tax Credit eligibility
  100. Filing a new w4
  101. Received 2016 W2 from a company I quit mid 2015
  102. Need education on 1099 OID, 1041 and more
  103. Offset??? - (us Dept Of Education)???
  104. Partnership interest between husband and wife
  105. How to "zero out" personal 1099-MISC that is really S-corp gross receipts?
  106. Employer did not withhold any taxes, now wants me to send them a check
  107. 1099-MISC with FATCA filing checked
  108. Understanding 1099 & W-2
  109. unemployed, FT non-traditional student with kids needs tax help
  110. Tax Free Budget....Obama Money Business ...
  111. W-2
  112. Capital Losses
  113. sold and bought a house in 2016
  114. H1b claiming tax deduction of F1 spouse for 1098-T
  115. Per diem
  116. Amended Income Filing
  117. Injured spouse
  118. cell phones
  119. Cash Settlement in 2013...Recieved w2 in 2016?
  120. 1099 misc income
  121. Claiming childern
  122. Early IRA distribution
  123. 1099 for a minor?
  124. Was given a 1099 even though I was an employee
  125. 1098 Mortgage Interest Received
  126. for a 1041 closing down
  127. NY State Remote Work not in TSB-M-06(5)I
  128. Change of residency
  129. refund of excess social sec is it taxable?
  130. No income, but dependents.
  131. No income GC holder tax filing
  132. 'Early retired'
  133. Tax Exempt Income
  134. Categorizing "OTHER" INCOME
  135. Income
  136. Hardship withdrawal due to LA flooding in a disaster area
  137. NOL carryforward and now MFJ?
  138. NOL carryforward and now MFJ?
  139. Telecommuting from a different state, but changed W4 later in the year
  140. Relocating to Idaho from California
  141. Employer and Taxes
  142. Gambling Winnings
  143. Being asked for a W-9
  144. Freelancer Not Counted As A U.S. Person?
  145. Business and Project Loans/Financing Available
  146. No State withheld from paychecks/Corrected W2
  147. New Business income record keeping
  148. Fashion model tax question for 2015
  149. Filing with missing 1099s
  150. High Yield PM Investment 80% daily for 30 days
  151. How to Apply NOL Carryback with regard to Penalties on unpaid taxes????
  152. How to record sales
  153. Can i still carryback an old loss (2013) to years 2012 and 2011?
  154. CPA told someone how much money we make
  155. Payment in lieu of dividends for partnership distribution
  156. withdraw from retirement
  157. Guaranteed Education Tuition (GET) credit refund/Publication 970 help
  158. Tax shelter for back salary settlement
  159. Living and working remotely in one state but putting different state on w4
  160. Funds from Cancer Patient Fundraising
  161. Beneficiary of Deceased Federal Employee Unpaid Compensation
  162. best tax strategy
  163. Disputing back taxes owed to IRS during the process of selling my primary (and only) residence (which is registered as my "homestead" here in Texas)residence (
  164. In-laws gift to daughter
  165. Multiply 20x Bitcoins in Hours
  166. Mortgage Interest Deduction
  167. Filing Amended Returns for Periods Working Under Table
  168. Uncollectible promissory note
  169. Household Allowance Taxable?
  170. Lawsuit Settelment Deductions
  171. Foreign Exchange Student Stipend
  172. Income from an IRA as it relates to long term disability
  173. On the road constantly, where to file federal taxes?
  174. On the road constantly, where to file federal taxes?
  175. Are stipends from a business partner considered income?
  176. Distributions
  177. Tax Levy
  178. Fke Passport| Novelty Passports| Fke ID Cards|
  179. TAX Declarations for Temporary Workers Under TN Visa Status.
  180. Can I File w/ No Current Income But Anticipated Income?
  181. Help filling out form 8965 Health Coverage Exception
  182. Is money received for a fundraiser taxable income?
  183. New Home-Related Payments Tax Deductable?
  184. Are Investment Payments Tax Deductable?
  185. 1099-DIV on 1040 9a,9b and Sch D line 13?
  186. stock market loss, what to do
  187. Can I deduct motel expense to save commute time between W-2 jobs?
  188. Rent loss insurance payments
  189. 2 families share house
  190. W2C - Expat
  191. work comp
  192. Accrual Sched C and 1099 discrepancies
  193. Filing a very old California FTB original return.
  194. if i revoke power of attorney can my cpa still prepare my return but not sign it?
  195. 982 line 10a
  196. Received a 1099-MISC for Non Taxable Income
  197. CP2000: Due to 1099-MISC
  198. K-1 basis after an 83(b) election
  199. jeffball
  200. Can I claim money received from a parent in exchange for services as self-employment income?
  201. Unemployment compensation vs layoff incentive pay
  202. Joint Property Ownership Buyout
  203. Personal Business Income or Family's?
  204. Income from Managing Family Rental Property
  205. Investors Bank Hours - 5500% after 24 hours
  206. Lack of income, or business loss?
  207. Info reported on 1098-T is not accurate, school refusing to change
  208. Ssa-1099
  209. Ssa-1099
  210. Resident Alien and non resident alien spouse with bank interest income.
  211. Earned income rental property question
  212. Sale of Rental Property
  213. Survivor Annuity - CSF 1099R
  214. Decrease in Share of Partnership
  215. CA. FTB earnings withholding order
  216. No records to figure taxes
  217. Am I qualified for Obamacare health insurance?
  218. Guaranteed return of principal benefit 6800% After 120 Hours
  219. File another state tax return?
  220. Gift in lieu of payment from client. Tax implications?
  221. Statement of Not having a Business
  222. estate taxes
  223. 2013 unemployment benefits repaid 2014
  224. I get monthly income from my business in a foreign country
  225. How do taxes vary for 1099 when income increases?
  226. Married non resident aliens filing jointly
  227. Repaid Taxable Benefit -1040X?
  228. Stipend to cover medical insurance premiums
  229. Paid in advance for 2016 earnings... don't know what to do!
  230. W2 vs Independent Contractor
  231. Employer paying on student loans
  232. Applying Treaty Convention to form 1040NR
  233. Maryland tax lien
  234. non resident alien LLC
  235. hobby or business?
  236. US Citizen Residing in US (CA) working for Foreign Based Company
  237. Large Commission to be rec'd.--what to do?
  238. when is income recognized
  239. Freelance Tax Inquiry (Self Employment Tax)
  240. Paypal taxes how to?
  241. To marry or not
  242. can I get charged with wife's bills?
  243. Unused rental property losses
  244. Verify/prove no Schedule C income
  245. Roth early withdrawal 5 year rule
  246. State victim of violent crimes compensation program
  247. A question about 1099-MISC
  248. federal and state withholding
  249. Foreign earned income.. LLC or not?
  250. Filing Required To Carry Forward NOL?