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  1. W-2 earnings and 1099 income paid to the same employee
  2. Reimbursable Travel and Meal expense for Independent Consultants
  3. Report Expenses Related To 1099 Income
  4. IRS reminds taxpayers that all "Income from Abroad" must be reported!
  5. Question about IRS penalty accessment
  6. Earned Income Tax - Not Sure What To Do
  7. How are Dividends taxed in 2008?
  8. Look at what I found
  9. section a of the w4
  10. Income Threshold for Independent Contractors?
  11. W4 Question
  12. Please Help, I received an incorrect 1099
  13. Returning to the USA
  14. 1099 Misc Question/Problem
  15. Corrected 1099 Misc
  16. Gambling winnings in another state
  17. As a employer, how do I file an amended 1099 to IRS?
  18. How much can an Employer pay his employee for Educational Assistance Program in 2007?
  19. Inheritance Tax Issues (help)
  20. Tax or No Tax !?
  21. 1099 MISC question
  22. multi-state question
  23. Tax Refund from CA state
  24. no-income...
  25. Tax calculation on re-payment of sign-on bonus
  26. Bad Debt-3099c
  27. Severance/Bonus Pay Received From Another State
  28. Income from lessons
  29. Am I required to report tax-exempt dividends on my state income tax return?
  30. Earned Income Credit .
  31. wrong income on 1099
  32. Reimbursed Meal Expenses on 1099misc
  33. 1099-misc
  34. Income From Foreign Sources must be reported on the 1040 individual tax returns!
  35. Incorrect information on 1099
  36. Wrong information on 1099?
  37. W2 - Income earned VS Income paid
  38. Independent Contrator and 1099
  39. I did not get a 1099
  40. 1099 Question
  41. 1099-MISC income
  42. Tax Exempt????
  43. State Refund as Taxable Income
  44. 1099M Income and what tax year to report
  45. Death Benefit from Long Term Disability Taxable?
  46. tax planning
  47. Should stipend be included in taxable income?
  48. dependent income
  49. Help!! Need to amend 2006 return
  50. What can I do if some prior year 1099-MISC income was omitted from a 2006 tax return?
  51. IRS rules that "Certain Payments to Disabled Veterans Ruled Tax-Free"
  52. Is Non-Combat Pay includable for Earned Income Credit in 2007?
  53. how to calculate EPF
  54. for refund of tds
  55. Help With 1099 Sole Proprietor Tax Deductions and Record Keeping
  56. Is the child support considered income when calculating the earned income credit?
  57. Are proceeds received from the sale of inherited property considered taxable income?
  58. Cost Segregation ?
  59. I haven' received my tax refund as of yet? Its been more than 6 wks what should I do?
  60. Employer filed 1099s without my permission
  61. Partnership
  62. I need to file my 2005 tax its late
  63. Can I deduct the amount given to our Kids free tax gifts.
  64. Expat living in Moscow Russia
  65. Is the Property tax rebate (NJ) taxable on federal return?
  66. claiming commuting expenses on income taxes
  67. Are State tax refunds taxable on Federal tax returns?
  68. What must I do if I didnt get a 1099-Misc from my employer?
  69. What must I do if I omitted stock trade transactions on my tax return?
  70. Is my State Tax Refund taxable on my federal and state tax return?
  71. What is the highest margin taxes for individuals?
  72. Is my California State refund taxable on Federal Tax Return?
  73. How do I report income from my partnership?
  74. Tax deductibles for students?
  75. I didn't get my W-2 from employer