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  1. 1099 Misc for Short sale incentive
  2. Dependent Support Question
  3. Dependent & Head of Household
  4. Big problem with Roth Contribution
  5. Major drop in refund this year
  6. 1099 Help
  7. Dual Status Foreing Student/Intern on J1 visa - Status lenght calculations questions
  8. 1099S - Complicated Situation - Need some help!
  9. LLC and Turbo Tax
  10. the 1099 has the wrong info on it
  11. Paid in 2012, earned in 2011. Which return?
  12. Spouse Died and Left Me a Bill I can't Pay
  13. Owe money..Help!
  14. 1099-Q - who files the form?
  15. Should I file and how? Or should he claim me?
  16. 1099 MIsc
  17. 1099-misc
  18. 1099-misc
  19. 1099misc for EIC
  20. How to fill out a W-4 & K-4
  21. Natural Gas Money Oil Lease Tax headache
  22. lost New York State tax ligitation. now what?
  23. Incomplete 1099 MISC
  24. If a taxpayer receives "workers compensation for 2011 tax year, will they receive a 1099 for these earnings?"
  25. help with 1099 miss
  26. 1099miss need help no refund
  27. 1099-misc
  28. storm damage
  29. UK Citizen - Moved To US - Selling UK Property + Work In The US
  30. 1099MISC- self-employeed
  31. 1099misc-Divorced
  32. Foreign income for U.S. Citizen living in U.S.
  33. State Tax headache
  34. received w-2 and misc 10-99
  35. Household employee income reporting
  36. children and ssi
  37. Confused about how Form 1099-A will affect my 2011 taxes
  38. 1099 for employee
  39. Employer paying taxes in home state
  40. Paid for Child Care
  41. Surplus from a foreclosure three years prior
  42. 1099/W9 question
  43. Affect of Short Term Losses On Gross Income
  44. Affect of Short Term Losses On Gross Income
  45. Deduction Question
  46. Are Airmiles Taxable, I heard somewhere that the Free Airmiles are now Taxable? Is that true?
  47. I'm totally tax stupid, does this sound wrong?
  48. Death Benefit Recieved
  49. income
  50. What to expect?
  51. What are the Tax Credits that are effected by a taxpayers Adjusted Gross Income amount?
  52. What are the tax deductions on Schedule A that are affected by Adjusted Gross Income(AGI)?
  53. Unemployment and in college
  54. live in different states --how to file tax at State level?
  55. Illinois state tax Refund when not working / living
  56. How is Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) Calculated?
  57. What is Adjusted Gross Income (AGI)?
  58. Are postdoctoral fellowships subject to self-employment (FICA) taxes
  59. Wage Garnishment
  60. Non-employee compensation filed but was an EMPLOYEE!
  61. K-1s
  62. can 1099 be filed for money gifted
  63. Online Income
  64. Maximizing exemptions
  65. 1099-MISC Incorrect
  66. anyone
  67. What is the Foreign Earned Income Exclusions and Housing Cost Allowance for 2011?
  68. What are some of the items that are excluded from Income in 2011?
  69. Vineet Singal
  70. Salvation army donations
  71. Mileage on Per Diem
  72. Paypal 1099 Question/s
  73. iPhone app income and taxes - new developer
  74. accelerated life benefit help
  75. Louisiana is saying I owe them taxes for 2000 - I didn't even live there in 2000!
  76. recieving a personal injury annuity
  77. Sale of partnership interest at a loss: Can I claim this loss on my tax return?
  78. 1099 Misc. for payment not received
  79. Can 1099-Misc income be reported as Income Earned Abroad?
  80. Flipped House Income
  81. International Marriage This Year, Spouse Not in US Till Next Year
  82. Beginner Tax Questions
  83. Paying C-Corp Interest only load
  84. Foreign Tax Exemption for 330 days overseas for 12 consecutive months
  85. I am working in NJ ,but my employer deduct NY Tax
  86. Unemployed Primary tax payer
  87. 1040 x
  88. Reporting of foreign income of resident alien
  89. income tax
  90. Clean Houses
  91. Question About New PayPal Rules & Taxes
  92. How do I pay contractor taxes for three months of contract work
  93. Reversing a 1099
  94. How I can report taxes about 2007?
  95. First Time Home Buyer
  96. Death Benefit from Long Term Disability Taxable?
  97. What is IRS Form 1042-S Annual Withholding Tax Return for U.S. Source Income of Foreign Persons?
  98. Erroneous 1099-MISC
  99. 1099 int reported wrong
  100. Help with 1040X explanation!
  101. Accepting money on behalf of a foreign Business
  102. PA Inheritance, MA resident
  103. Gains and Losses
  104. Where should US Citizens or Residents living abroad pay their Estimated Tax Payment?
  105. Where should US Citizens or Resident Aliens living abroad mail their US Tax Return?
  106. 1099 or no 1099, that is the question
  107. lost 1099 misc for 2008
  108. 1099-MISC for 2006
  109. Foreign dividends
  110. Paper filing of multiple state taxes - Which state to get W2s
  111. moving to Portland area, OR and WA tax questions
  112. Foreign Income
  113. Foreign Income
  114. tax slayer site
  115. Tax Lien Investment Income
  116. Missing K-1 from partnership
  117. Questions about investment income tax for F1 and resident alien in 1040 form
  118. Foreigned Earned Income can include 1099-MISC income?
  119. Part year (MA -> MD): Line 5. Other additions or Line 12. Income received during period of non-residence
  120. Should i file NY city tax
  121. Omitted Income
  122. Lived in NJ for 6 months, 1099 from NE while in NJ, Moved to WA Permanently
  123. Tuition paid by military
  124. no taxes taken from job
  125. What is Cancellation of Debt?
  126. Is Cancellation of Debt income always taxable?
  127. reporting depndant income question
  128. Oklahoma Resident w/ small portion of Kansas income
  129. Scholarship, RA and 1098-T
  130. 1099-c and attorney fees
  131. 1099 Misc.
  132. Is my pension taxable in PA
  133. Multi-State Tax issue
  134. e-filing corrected 1099's
  135. Form 982-Qualified Primary Res v. Insolvency
  136. Filing 540x California amendment form :
  137. 1099-MISC employee? not self-employed...
  138. 1098 T Qualified Education Expenses for taxed QTR
  139. Choosing to gather Social Security early is costly
  140. 1099-misc As Nominee
  141. 1099-MISC and Tuition Fellowship
  142. 1099-c Cancelled credit card
  143. Real estate venture - lose and sold HELP
  144. 1099 Income and Vehicle Expenses
  145. Americorps Income
  146. are vitamins tax deductable?
  147. A stock (company) I owned got bought out, need help!
  148. Debt Forgiveness
  149. F1 student & income from selling iPhone apps
  150. Long term disability taxes
  151. Tax for work in NJ, live in NJ and family are in MA
  152. 1099 MISC referral bonus income
  153. erroneous 1099
  154. 1099m
  155. Question on classifying employment for income purposes
  156. House sale
  157. Rental not for profit?
  158. Do I need to report my 1099-R for my 2010 return?
  159. S-corp health ins premiums paid
  160. Can a nonresident alien take the foreign earned income exclusion if that person meets the bona fide resident test or physical presence test?
  161. IRS wants US Taxpayers and Residents to report all Income from Abroad!
  162. permanant disability will i be reqired to file?
  163. 1099 misc. Do I have to claim this money from a lawsuit?
  164. New Resident Alien and foreign earned income
  165. New Jersey VS. New York
  166. Question About injured spouse
  167. Additional 1099 misc after filing
  168. 401(K) Indirect Rollover
  169. Married Filing Sperately v. Jointly
  170. Unemployment income
  171. Grandma is babysitting
  172. Problems with Form 1099-MISC
  173. Box 12c v and Calculated compensation income does not match
  174. Box 12c V - NQSO and Compensation income
  175. Daughter being paid to attend Grad School, what are her tax liabilities?
  176. Lawsuit settlement 1099-misc...how to report/offset?
  177. Full-time out of state Telecommuter W2 problems.
  178. 1099 and w-2 received for settlement
  179. Additional Income, Need to file 1040x
  180. Form 1099-Misc Income
  181. Oil spill deduction?
  182. Insurance reimbursement on roof damage then house sold
  183. My W-2 Box 1 and 2 are blank?
  184. lost earnings
  185. wrong 1099/already filed
  186. Social Security Tax Question
  187. Oil Company Settlement - Do I need to claim as income?
  188. What is Taxable or Non-Taxable Income?
  189. 1099-A received - How will this affect me?
  190. Pension and 1099-R
  191. Shareholder of S-corp from out of state
  192. 1099 misc form
  193. Is Babysitting considered Child Care?!
  194. where do I report foreign income?
  195. How do I claim a loss on a 1099-MISC?
  196. 1099-MISC and Storm Damage
  197. Earned Income Credit for divorced parents question
  198. How to claim tips when I volunteer
  199. Moved to a new state, how do I apportion my income tax?
  200. CA state income tax
  201. State Return
  202. sold ESOP STock 1099R & 1099B
  203. How does a taxpayer determine whether or not he or she is required to file a Federal Income Tax return for 2010?
  204. Confused on 1099 sent to us
  205. received 1099-misc for sale of used car
  206. Bonus from future employer thats out of state
  207. IRS now offers Taxpayers an extra 3 Days to File and Pay their 2010 tax returns.
  208. customer sent my S-Corp a 1099-MISC
  209. Money Gifts and Earned Income
  210. Child Tax Return
  211. my brothers SSI check
  212. claiming SSI on my taxes for my brother
  213. 1099 education reimbursement
  214. F1 student , brother, dependent. 1098T
  215. Received an incorrect amoun on a 1099
  216. 2005 - 2006 1099 reported by employer when i was not with the company.
  217. Foreign Tax Credit Carryover
  218. Foreign earned income - sole proprietor
  219. 1099-Misc
  220. why is my tax refund this year$1000 less :(
  221. working for 2 companies, how do I file?
  222. Large scholarship given at the end of the year
  223. 10-99's
  224. Calculate Income Tax Year 2010-11 A.Y. 2011-12
  225. Estate - Basis Step Up
  226. F1 Visa Student/Dependent
  227. Live in MD Work in NY
  228. When must Corporations use the "Electronic Filing" method for 1096 and 1099's in 2010?
  229. How to deal with 1099-MISC?
  230. Tuition Remission
  231. Teen PayPal Tax
  232. Income
  233. 1099 Taxes - How much will I owe this year?
  234. Should I be concerned about the tax rate increases if my AGI is around $140,000?
  235. tax issues
  236. Hair Stylist
  237. 1099-MISC Fraud
  238. Refund of Interest Expense/Penalties for NOL
  239. repayment of money borrowed from a trust
  240. Can I get small clients to send me a 1099?
  241. per diems - taxable or not?
  242. Incorrect 1099 from settlement. What to do?
  243. Incorrect 10999 from settlement. What to do?
  244. Incorrect 1099 from settlement. Advice?
  245. Incorrect 1099. How to report? Help!
  246. Incorrect 1099 Misc.- How to report. Help!
  247. Tax exemption for working overseas, but now laid off. PLEASE HELP
  248. Is rent below market rates considered income?
  249. complicated domestic situation
  250. Live in De but possibly going to work in NJ?