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  1. Alabama Department of Revenue announces Gross Income Tax Rule Becomes Effective for 2011!
  2. Alabama Department of Revenue (ADOR) announced "Penalty Relief Available to Certain Taxpayers"!
  3. What are the changes in Alabama Estimated Tax Reporting and Payment Requirements for 2010?
  4. How is the deduction calculated in order for an employer to get a deduction?
  5. What is the starting date for an employee to qualify?
  6. Can an employee who was laid off and then rehired qualify under the Reemployment Act of 2010?
  7. Does an employer have to certify an employee with the Alabama Department of Revenue (ADOR) by proving the unemployment status of the employee?
  8. How can an Alabama resident qualify as an unemployed person for an employer to claim a deduction under Reemployment Act of 2010?
  9. What is the Alabama Reemployment Act of 2010?
  10. Alabama now allows taxpayers to pay estimated taxes electronically!
  11. Alabama Offers a New Deduction for Education Savings Programs for 2008
  12. What are the 2008 filing requirements for Full Year Alabama Residents?
  13. Where can I check the status of my Alabama State Tax Refund?
  14. Alabama State has increased the dependent exemption for 2008.
  15. Alabama State increases the "Standard Deduction" for 2008.
  16. Alabama State Tax Information
  17. How many Individual Income Tax Rates does Alabama have for the Tax Year 2008?
  18. What are the Personal Exemption Rates for Alabama State for the Tax Year 2008?