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  1. What are the tax reliefs available under the new 2018 tax reform law?
  2. IRS warns of Scams that targeting Taxpayers.
  3. Summary of FATCA Reporting for U.S. Taxpayers
  4. IRS is providing Help for Victims of Hurricane Harvey
  5. What are the rules regarding Foreign Bank Accounts?
  6. Identity Theft an Ongoing Concern on the IRS Annual "Dirty Dozen" List of Tax Scams to Avoid
  7. Here are 5 reasons why small business owners should put their spouse on payroll?
  8. What are the leading GOP Candidate, Donald Trump's Tax Policy?
  9. Can a taxpayer change their Corporation from an S corporation to a C corporation?
  10. 4 Major Tax Law Changes In 2015 worth knowing!
  11. Wife on f1 and without ssn.. can she and I file joint taxes somehow..
  12. How does a Taxpayer notify the IRS of any address change that occurs during the tax year??
  13. IRS issues a Scam Phone Calls Alert! IRS Identifies Five Easy Ways to Spot Suspicious Calls
  14. IRS offers "2014 Summertime Tax Tips"!
  15. question about 2014 taxes
  16. The IRS announced new dollar limits for 2014 for 401(k) and other defined contribution plans & defiined benefit pension plans.
  17. Democrats are seeking ways for eliminating Tax Breaks to Certain Business and Professional Corporations
  18. IRS announces the 1099-K Reporting Requirements for Payment Settlement Entities
  19. Starting in 2014, Taxpayers may be eligible for the Premium Tax Credit if they purchase health insurance through the Health Insurance Market Place
  20. Is Cancellation of Debt income always taxable?
  21. How do taxpayers deduct Formation Costs or Organization costs on the Tax Return?
  22. What are deductible business expenses according to the IRS?
  23. Which businesses are permitted to use the Cash Method of Accounting” for tax filing purposes?
  24. IRS extends threshold amount for back taxes and increases the repayment period for streamlined installment procedures.
  25. What are the Penalties for Taxpayers who remain uninsured in 2014?
  26. The Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) postpones mandatory FBAR e-filing!
  27. What are the circumstances that would lead the IRS to consider a taxpayer's behaviour to indicate fraud?
  28. What does the IRS consider as reasonable cause for the purposes of abating penalties imposed on a taxpayer?
  29. IRS gives transitional relief to Form 8937, "Report of Organizational Actions Affecting Basis of Securities" filers!
  30. IRS extends tax filing deadline in 2011 to April 17th!
  31. What is the lastest update on Temporary Payroll Tax Cut for 2012?
  32. Q. How do I prepare my payment when using the voucher?
  33. Do Taxpayers need to use the payment voucher if they owe taxes when filing their tax return?
  34. Why does the IRS want taxpayers to use a 1040-V payment voucher?
  35. Why should taxpayers make a voluntary disclosure?
  36. What are some of the potential civil penalties that might apply to taxpayers who don't come in under voluntary disclosure and the IRS examines these taxpayers?
  37. IRS announces new Interest Rates on Overdue Taxes for both Individuals and Corporations Effective September 30, 2011!
  38. Three Tips for Employers Outsourcing Their Payroll
  39. How to Get Your Prior-Year Tax Information from the IRS
  40. Back-to-School Tips for Students and Parents Paying College Expenses
  41. The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), requires Foreign Financial Institutions to report to IRS all financial accounts held by US Taxpayers!
  42. IRS allows some taxpayers more time to report their offshore accounts.
  43. The IRS raises the dollar threshold before filing a lien for unpaid taxes!
  44. New heavy SUV’s put in service in 2011 are entitled to bigger tax breaks!
  45. As part of the "Small Business Jobs Act of 2010 Tax Provisions, IRS allows increased expensing limitations for 2010 and 2011 for certain real property treated as Code section 179 property.
  46. As part of the "Small Business Jobs Act of 2010 Tax Provisions, IRS allows increase in amount allowed as deduction for start-up expenditures in 2010.
  47. As part of the "Small Business Jobs Act of 2010 Tax Provisions, IRS allows Temporary exclusion of 100% of gain on certain small business stock.
  48. 2010 tax law changes offer expanded tax benefits for Special Charitable Contributions for Certain IRA Owners.
  49. What are the major provisions of the Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization and Job Creation Act of 2010?
  50. IRS is considering a new amnesty program for "overseas tax cheats"!
  51. How Long can a Self Employed Person get Unemployment Benefits?
  52. What is the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty (TFRP)?
  53. One-Time Filing Relief for Small Organizations That Failed to File for Three Consecutive Years
  54. Summertime Child Care Expenses May Qualify for a Tax Credit
  55. IRS announces that taxpayers can buy U.S. Series I Savings Bonds with their tax refund!
  56. What are the main features of the Affordable Care Act Provisions?
  57. What IRS code section clearly defines a "Statutory Worker"?
  58. What records does an Employer need to maintain to comply with the Federal Statutes?
  59. New Form Aids Processing of Mortgage Applications and Ordering Tax Transcripts Simple
  60. New IRS Retirement Plan Navigator Aims to Help Small Businesses
  61. Six Facts About the American Opportunity Tax Credit
  62. What are the business records and documents that need be to be kept for 3 Years?
  63. What are the business records and documents that need be to be kept for 6 Years?
  64. First-Time Homebuyer Credit Provides Tax Benefits to 1.4 Million Families to Date
  65. Nine Facts about the New Vehicle Sales and Excise Tax Deduction
  66. Deadlines Near for Business to Choose Expanded NOL Election; Sept. 15 for Many Corps
  67. IRS announces "it will receive Unprecedented Amount of Information in UBS Agreement"
  68. Employee vs. Independent Contractor – Ten Tips for Business Owners
  69. IRS Features Recovery Tax Credits on YouTube, iTunes
  70. Where should a taxpayer file Forms W-2c and W-3c.
  71. What is a W-2c form used for?
  72. For Many Small Businesses, Fall Filing Deadline Looms for Special Refund Claims
  73. Does the IRS Owe You Money?
  74. What is a Structured Settlement?
  75. What would be the tax impact of the Obama Administrations Health Care Plan?
  76. What are the benefits of a Cost Segregation Study?
  77. What is a Cost Segregation Study?
  78. What is Cost Segregation?
  79. What States are offering Tax Amnesties to delinquent taxpayers?
  80. What Happens After I File Tax Return?
  81. Things You Need to Know About Tax Refunds
  82. What to do if You Receive an IRS Notice
  83. Top Ten Facts about Amended Returns
  84. Six Important Facts about Tax-Exempt Organizations
  85. Free Tax Assistance for Members of the Military
  86. How to Check the Status of Your Federal Tax Refund
  87. Gambling Winnings Are Always Taxable Income
  88. Education Costs Tax Credits
  89. Tax Tips for Recently Married or Divorced Taxpayers
  90. What Tax Stimulus Policy should President Obama pursue to jump start the US Economy?
  91. Most Requested IRS Forms and Publications
  92. Getting a Free Transcript of My Tax Return Information - Actual Copies $57 Each
  93. Do you owe the IRS a Prior Year Return?
  94. What are the “Potential Hazards and Risks” in borrowing from your 401(k) Plan?
  95. I think Taxpayers deserve another Stimulus Package!
  96. How and why does the IRS garnish a taxpayers wages?
  97. Why do 50% of All New Businesses Fail Within Their First 3 Years of Operations?
  98. Ten Of The Most Detrimental Tax Habits of Careless Taxpayers!
  99. What are the consequences of not filing your Tax Return on time?
  100. Which taxpayers would not qualify to get a stimulus payment?
  101. Can a Taxpayer receive a tax refund if they owe the IRS for prior years taxes?
  102. IRS tax rebate stimulus payment schedule
  103. How can you check the status of your tax refund?
  104. IRS encourages "Reporting Promoters of Off-Shore Tax Avoidance Schemes!"
  105. Tax Tips for E-Filed Extensions
  106. Tax Tips for submitted E-Filed Tax Returns!
  107. Due date for 2007 IRA Contribution is April 15th.
  108. What are the consequences of not making a full payment along with the Extension?
  109. What options does a taxpayer have if they file an extension and owe money?
  110. What is the due date to to file an Extension and what Tax Form must I use?
  111. Changes in New Jersey Individual Tax Returns.
  112. Common Omissions on the NY State Individual Tax Return!
  113. March 17, 2008 is the deadline for Flex Plan Participants.
  114. New Tax Law changes for Adoption Credit in 2007
  115. Are the Mortgage Insurance Premiums paid deductible in Tax Year 2007?
  116. Frivolous Tax Submissions Penalty increased substantially for 2007
  117. Some of the latest changes in the tax law in 2007?
  118. Latest changes to AMT for tax year 2007?
  119. Why IRA's for Children with earned income really make sense?
  120. Are there income restrictions to receiving these Tax Refunds?
  121. What is the latest estimate of 2008 Tax refunds from the Stimulus package?
  122. What are the AGI limits that result in "Phaseout of Exemptions" in 2007?
  123. Tips to avoid an Audit of a C-Corporation
  124. How can a taxpayer request copies of prior year tax returns?
  125. Will your employee's status as an outside contractor pass the IRS litmus test?
  126. Disagree with IRS? Your Appeal Rights
  127. What To Do If You Receive an IRS Notice?
  128. Amending Your Tax Return
  129. Last Minute Payment and Filing Tips
  130. Benefits of LLC’s over S-Corporations
  131. Home Office Deduction
  132. Deduction for Educator Expense
  133. Itemizers Can Deduct Certain Taxes
  134. How to Avoid Tax Time Problems
  135. Credit for Retirement Savings Contributions
  136. Offset Education Costs
  137. Claiming the Credit for the Elderly or the Disabled
  138. Claiming the Child and Dependent Care Credit
  139. Claiming the Child Tax Credit
  140. How to Avoid a Tax Audit for Sole Proprietorships
  141. Tax Checklist for Sole Proprietorships/Schedule-C Filers
  142. Top ten smart ways to spend your 2006 tax refund
  143. IRS Offers Tips for Accurate Schedule K-1 Reporting
  144. Tax Rates for a Child's Investment Income
  145. Taxes on Early Distributions from Retirement Plans
  146. Tax Facts About Capital Gains and Losses
  147. Gambling Income and Losses
  148. Paying or Receiving Alimony?
  149. Are Your Social Security Benefits Taxable?
  150. What Income is Taxable? Nontaxable?
  151. Business Eligibility to Use Schedule C-EZ?
  152. More Direct Deposit Options- Split Your Refund
  153. IRS Changes to Tax Law for 2006
  154. IRS Guidelines for Roth IRA Contributions
  155. Missing Your Form W-2?
  156. E-file A Smart Way to do Your Taxes
  157. Moving Soon? Let the IRS Know
  158. Long-Distance Telephone Excise Tax Refund
  159. Quick and Easy Access to IRS Forms and Publications
  160. How to Get a Copy of Your Tax Return Information
  161. IRS Publication 17 - Free Tax Guide for Individuals
  162. IRS Has Free Publications on Every Topic You Need
  163. 1040 Central — One Click Away
  164. Sales Tax, Higher Education, Educator Expense Deductions
  165. Advice for Choosing a Tax Return Preparer
  166. Should You Itemize?
  167. Choose the Simplest Federal Tax Form for Your Needs
  168. Choose Your Correct Filing Status
  169. Should You File a Tax Return?
  170. Seven Ways to Get a Jump Start on Your Taxes
  171. Tips for Recently Married or Divorced Taxpayers