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  2. child tax credit 2018
  3. Foreign Tax Credit rules
  4. Child Tax Credit Dispute
  5. Solar Tax Credit and Depreciation
  6. Solar Credit in Rental
  7. Tricky Education Refund Problem
  8. Form 8332 - forgot to send
  9. Foreign Tax Credit
  10. Foreign Tax Credit
  11. Child Tax Credit Error
  12. What are the eligible Earned Income Tax Credits available in 2016?
  13. Solar - 30% Federal Tax Credit
  14. 25c Energy Efficiency Tax Credit
  15. Solar Tax Incentive
  16. Anak No masa kecil Bridget Jones Bayi JONES (2016)
  17. CP-2000 letter for Education Credits Claimed
  18. I didn't get child tax credit on this year tax return.
  19. Foreign Earned Income Exclusion
  20. Interest on States' past due taxes
  21. IRS offers Plug-In Electric Drive Vehicle Credit (IRC 30D)
  22. Can I get a backpay refund for child that was overseas since birth?
  23. Vehicle tax credit (and order that credits are applied)
  24. Filing jointly or single child tax credit?
  25. Tax credit on a new 2014 electric car
  26. Child care dependent expenses - married filed seapartely - how to amend it
  27. Salary or Scholarship Confusion ?
  28. Moving Deduction and Utilities
  29. Earned income credit line 66a
  30. Repaying employer for tuition
  31. form 1098T
  32. Obamacare Tax Credit
  33. AOC and 529 coordination
  34. Household Employee Deduction/Expenses
  35. Adoption credit
  36. Can I claim the AOTC credit for 2014 for expenses for spring 2015?
  37. Filed some Back taxes 2008
  38. Can the IRS tap citizen power to police tax-evading corporations?
  39. AOTC Tax Credit HELP PLEASE!!
  40. Rejected for F1040-414 Business Rule
  41. Retirement Savings Credit Question
  42. over 18 dependent
  43. how to claim tax credit for high efficiency air conditioner system (2013)
  44. Mom still wants to claim me as dependent
  45. two different 1098T forms
  46. Education Credit for a Study Abroad Student
  47. Can I claim the child care tax?
  48. can boyfriend claim all my children?
  49. MCC Mortgage Credit Certificate
  50. Rehabilitation Credit & Self Rental
  51. Verifying Claimed Education Credit
  52. Education credits
  53. Form 8863
  54. Cancelled Studen Loan -Education Credit?
  55. IRS launches "EITC Awareness Day" stating significant tax benefits to Low and Moderate-Income Workers.
  56. Can I claim gas for child care credit?
  57. Earned Income Credit Advice
  58. Can I claim my girlfriends children on my taxes?
  59. Please help! Family of permanent resident just got their residence visa
  60. Tax exemption for the family of a permament resident
  61. Getting Married and Tax Credits
  62. Income Tax Preparation Checklist
  63. Dependent day care, can i claim
  64. First Time Homebuyer Credit, New Home?
  65. tractor deduction
  66. Still need information on special case for Tuition and Fees Deduction
  67. Solar Hot Water tax credit
  68. Six Facts for Adoptive Parents
  69. What are the specific requirements that a Taxpayer needs to satisfy in order to become eligible for the The Earned Income Tax Credit?
  70. Which Taxpayers fail to claim the Earned Income Tax Credit?
  71. What are the eligible requirements for a taxpayer to claim the Earned Income Tax Credit?
  72. College Credit/Deductions
  73. 18 Year Old Worker with Child
  74. $8000 firstime homebuyer credit repayment
  75. Which Taxpayers can claim the “Credit for the Elderly or Disabled” ?
  76. Child tax credit makes mortgage interest credit null?
  77. Long Time homeowner credit
  78. Question About Housing Tax Credit.
  79. Mortgage Interest Form 8396 Box 2 (%)
  80. College Loan Deductions
  81. What are the requirements of Qualified Plug Electric Vehicle?
  82. When does the Tax Credit Phase out for Qualified Plug Electric Vehicle?
  83. What are the allowable Qualified Plug in Electric Vehicle Tax Credits for 2010?
  84. Energy efficient credits
  85. How did the New Law affect the Energy Savings Tax Credit in 2011?
  86. What are the general requirements and provisions that are required for the taxpayer to qualify for the adoption credit and exclusions?
  87. What are the adoption tax credits and exclusions for 2010 and 2011?
  88. first time homebuyers tax credit
  89. tuition and fees puzzler
  90. American Opportunity Credit-refundable And Non Refundable
  91. 1st time homebuyer credit 2008 with divorce
  92. i have 4 kids but only claim2 on my tax return my wife claims the other 2 ,can i claim all in my tax return
  93. ex stepdaughter
  94. Eic
  95. What IRS form is used to claim the First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit?
  96. Which Taxpayers are not "Eligible for the First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit?"
  97. I am on H1B with company A. Can I get income from company B on 1099?
  98. What are qualified education expenses?
  99. Who is eligible to claim the tuition deduction in 2009?
  100. What tax form is required to claim the tuition deduction and fee expenses in 2009?
  101. First Time Homebuyer credit confusion
  102. Which of us should claim the credits to get the most back with a new baby?
  103. Dependent Status questions
  104. The IRS announces an increase in Adoption tax credit for 2009!
  105. Tax Rebate Plan by Bush Administration
  106. How is principal resident defined in 1st time home buyer credit?
  107. 1st time home buy Tax Credit
  108. Tax Credit for Ford Hybrids Begins Phase-Out
  109. Are State Tax Credits federally taxed?
  110. Top Ten Facts About the Child and Dependent Care Credit
  111. Can You Claim the Child Tax Credit?
  112. Work reimbursement for school expenses
  113. Five Important Tax Credits
  114. dependent child ?
  115. No Earned Income Tax Credit for geezers
  116. Foreign Tax Credit Carryover
  117. Do I qualify for 1st time home buyer tax credit?
  118. Child tax credit
  119. NJ Income Tax - Property Tax Deduction/Credit
  120. Liquefied Petroleum Gas
  121. Would tuition exp's paid to a private high school qualify for the "Education Credit?"
  122. Does cost of day camp count as a qualified exp towards child & dependent care credit?
  123. 2007 Tax Credit for a Hybrid Vehilces
  124. Who is eligible to claim a Child Tax Credit in 2007?
  125. Does a Energy Star Logo on my new appliance qualify for an energy saving tax credit?
  126. Expired Tax Benefits for 2007
  127. Adoption Benefits Increased for 2007
  128. Will I get the LifeTime Learning Credit if I pay Educ Exp's for other Family members?
  129. Who is eligible to claim the Lifetime Learning Credit?
  130. Will IRS be offering Excise Tax Refund in 2007?
  131. What are 2007 Residential Energy Efficiency Credits?