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  2. Gift from parents who are in Europe
  3. Capital Gains - Father wants to sell rental properties
  4. GST (generation-skipping tax) hypothetical calculation
  5. Mother wants to add my name on all of her assets
  6. Final 1041 for a irrevocable trust
  7. What are the 2016 Estate Tax Exemption amounts?
  8. How to calculate Generation Skipping Transfer Tax?
  9. Is life estate gift?
  10. Estate planning for relatives outside the US
  11. Transferring money from a non-US resident as a gift
  12. Estate Beneficiary
  13. How to use cash gift to minor
  14. Estate tax exemption
  15. Planning strategy question
  16. Estate in Trust?
  17. Sold my property
  18. Inheritance and Taxes
  19. Rental property basis in my estate
  20. Inherited Jewelry - How to Report for Tax Effectiveness
  21. Inherited property & HIGH cost of RE Taxes
  22. How to Distribute Large Estate?
  23. Can you suggest the important documents that an elderly person needs to keep for their potential beneficiaries?
  24. Inherited Jewelery and Tax
  25. 1041 Capital Gain
  26. Federal Gift Tax
  27. Estate K-1
  28. What are the various types of Trusts Funds?
  29. What is Trust Accounting?
  30. What Form is used to file a Gift Tax Return?
  31. What is the due date to File a Gift Tax Return?
  32. gift tax exclusion
  33. Do you have to be a Millionaire in order to have an Estate Plan?
  34. Who needs to an Estate Plan?
  35. What exactly is Estate Planning?
  36. The IRS is considering limiting use of Alternate Valuation Date by Estates!
  37. What are the Annual Gift Exclusions for 2008?
  38. What are the Annual Exclusion for Gifts in 2007?
  39. Is this money taxable by the irs or the state of ohio
  40. What are the main Elements of a Will?
  41. 10 Most Common Mistakes of Estate Planning!
  42. Major Changes to the Estate Tax Laws for 2007
  43. When and where is the Estate tax return due?
  44. What deductions are available to reduce the Estate Tax?
  45. What is Estate Tax?
  46. What is the maximum amount of Gifts that I can give annually to my kids free of tax?
  47. What are the Estate tax exemption amounts for 2007?
  48. What is are the requirements for filing an estate tax return in 2007?
  49. What are Estate Tax Deductions for Non US Citizens