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  1. my ex sucks
  2. How to give large sum of money to legally separated spouse to pay for her share in house?
  3. Claiming the mortgage I pay as alimony?
  4. Claiming dependants w/ospouse although not separated yet
  5. Absent father wants to claim our child
  6. Divorce mortgage/tax question
  7. Qdro
  8. Taxes for 2015/2016 after divorce; OPM still has not divided pension
  9. Claiming 21 yr old son not in school full time
  10. claiming dependants
  11. Possible tax credits from Court Settlement?
  12. Am I Equally Responsible for Ex-Husband's Past Due Taxes?
  13. Desperate for help!!!!
  14. Home sales, taxes, and divorce
  15. Conflict of Interest
  16. Separated, but not divorced
  17. House Interest Deduction while separated
  18. Foreclosure Review Payment
  19. Seeking guidance with 2nd marriage
  20. College Student Deduction-Divorced
  21. College Student Deduction-Divorced
  22. fraudulent misc-1099 from ex husband
  23. which way will I benefit more from?
  24. 1099s
  25. When splitting dependents after divorce, can we switch up which children are claimed by who?
  26. Refile to claim past year EIC?
  27. Can I still claim the EIC?
  28. Settlement
  29. Payment of credit cards as income
  30. Divorced, claiming exemptions for children
  31. Divrced and remarried question w/kids
  32. In a bit of an odd duck situation, don't even know how to start asking Google
  33. Divorce and Busines
  34. Non-Custodial Step Parent claiming child
  35. Choose not to use release of claim to exemption on form 8332
  36. Ex-Spouse/Divorce - Taxes & Child Care Credit
  37. Extension, can I file one?
  38. what to do ?
  39. Amendments - getting spouse to sign
  40. Disposition of Home
  41. Divorce decree says husband can claim child as dependant - child turned 18, now wife says she is claiming son - Help.
  42. who gets to claim what?
  43. tax form 8332
  44. Claiming Mortgage Interest post divorce
  45. Mortgage Interest
  46. Alimony and living in same house
  47. Tax on commissions paid to ex-spouse
  48. Not a divorce - but question on IRS reporting requirements home equity split
  49. the irs refuses to pay up.
  50. Mortgage Credit Certificate
  51. child support tax offset
  52. mortgage interest deduction
  53. Taxes being reviewed
  54. Mortgage interest and taxes in year of divorce
  55. I should file single or MFj or mfs
  56. Claiming a child
  57. Uncertain if this was filed rihjt?
  58. former spouse' tax burdon
  59. Lived With Ex And Child HOH?
  60. Separation and refund help- tax advocate not helping
  61. Separation and refund help- tax advocate not helping
  62. head of household status
  63. Not legally separated, wife has child with fiance
  64. Gross Annual Income and Claiming Children
  65. Claiming college-aged daughter
  66. Back Taxes
  67. Divorced w/new college student & fed grants
  68. Separated tax status
  69. spouse support 1099 for 2010 taxes, Colorado
  70. Divorced & Living Overseas
  71. child custody tax question
  72. Split 1099 for state tax deduction after divorce
  73. Severance Pay / AGI / PMI Deductions
  74. mortgage interest after divorce
  75. what is best for me?
  76. Community States
  77. Ex claimed dependent when he knew he couldn't
  78. Alimony
  79. Going through a divorce...filed extension
  80. Community property has COST BASIC > FMV and LOAN = FMV
  81. cash settlement taxable?
  82. 2008 Alimony Deduction
  83. When should the taxpayer file Form 8857 Request for Innocent Spouse Relief?
  84. What Tax Form is used to claim the Innocent Spouse
  85. Which Taxpayers qualify for the "Innocent Spouse Relief?"
  86. What States follow the Equitable Distribution Rules for allocation of income?
  87. Which States follow the Community Property rules?
  88. When a marriage is terminated, how do the couples allocate income?
  89. Under what conditions does the IRS consider a Spouse to be abandoned?
  90. How is a divorced couples filing status determined?
  91. When is a couple no longer considered married for tax purposes?
  92. Can a taxpayer deduct maintenance payments to a former spouse?
  93. Who claims the childrens exemption if this is not specified in the divorce judgment?
  94. Can a couple divorced during the tax year, file joint tax returns for the year?
  95. If a taxpayers is in divorce proceedings, can they file jointly with their spouse?
  96. Remarriage Penalty? Filing status issue
  97. Need seious help
  98. Unallocated Alimony and Pendente Lite ruling
  99. Expatriate income and alimony
  100. Sale Of Spouse's 50% Residence To Child
  101. 2008 Divorce and affect on itemized ded.
  102. Is it allowable to amend from married filing jointly to filing separately?
  103. Who gets to itemize real estate items?
  104. Divorce Tax Quaqmire of Many Questions
  105. Do you own taxes
  106. What is going to happen to the 2006 state tax refund?
  107. If I am filing married filing separate, how should we split our itemized deductions?
  108. When is a "Divorced Couple" no longer married for Tax Purposes?
  109. Are alimony payments considered taxable income?
  110. Can I deduct alimony paid to my former spouse?
  111. What are the main tax issues that one must consider in a Divorce Situation?