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  6. 1099, mileage deduction, mileage logs
  7. Trading in a section 179 vehicle in 3rd Year
  8. SUV Sec 179 and Section 168(e)(6) Deduction
  9. Section 179 SUV Deduction with a 1031 Exchange?
  10. Section 179 $25,000 SUV Deduction
  11. Purchasing new vehicle for business and personal
  12. Complicated situation re: mileage deductions
  13. Indepent contractor receives gas reimbursement, can I still deduct my mileage?
  14. Section 179
  15. Vehicle used for Personal and Business
  16. Vehicle Mileage Reimbursement Question
  17. Can I deduct mileage from home if...
  18. Auto deductions
  19. Section 179 deduction
  20. Can I claim gas mileage?
  21. Mileage Deduction for a Second Job
  22. How to calculate business mileage for mixed business/personal trips?
  23. Two work places
  24. Mileage Deduction
  25. how to calculate mile on my car?
  26. Business miles not deductible?
  27. Is employer paid mileage reimbursement taxable?
  28. Vehicle reinbursement
  29. Company Vehicle / Personal Use
  30. Partial Mileage Reimbursement/Car Allowance
  31. Vehicle use for business
  32. IRS announces increases in Standard Mileage Rate for 2013!
  33. How are Trucks, Vans and SUV treated for depreciation purposes if their Gross Vehicle Weight exceeds 6,000 pounds?
  34. How are sport utility vehicles (SUVs) that are used in a trade or business depreciated in 2012?
  35. Company Car Abroad
  36. How much can be written off a new Acura SUV that I have used 75% for business, in 2011 that was purchased for $46,000 (weight exceeds 6k lbs)?
  37. The IRS issued new standard mileage rates for use in 2012
  38. The IRS raises the Standard Mileage Rate due to rising Gas Prices!
  39. vehicle expenses
  40. Recover difference in mileage rates?
  41. Business miles for selfemployed housecleaner
  42. Auto Expense question
  43. Itemized Deductions for Auto and Medical
  44. auto expenses
  45. What are acceptable methods of calculating business mileage?
  46. Large Vechicle sec 179 back-end
  47. prepay auto lease
  48. scorp purchase a car from shareholder
  49. Commuting miles
  50. Business/commuting miles for home office
  51. Vehicle write-off 2009
  52. 2009 Standard Mileage Rates For Business Mile Deduction
  53. Mileage deduction for Temp Worker
  54. Why is 2008 considered a great time to purchase an auto vehicle for business?
  55. New Auto Mileage Rates through Dec. 31, 2008
  56. Auto Self Employed Business Expense
  57. Auto Lease Expense
  58. Auto Lease
  59. Business Mileage
  60. How can to decide whether to buy or lease a car?
  61. Milage deduction driven from main job to second job
  62. I am curious to know about the SUV tax
  63. tax ramifications of trading-in
  64. What is the maximum amount a Taxpayer can deduct in 2007 for purchasing a new SUV?
  65. 2007 Luxury Auto Depreciation Limits for 2007
  66. IRS increases Auto Mileage Rate for the Year 2008
  67. Can I claim mileage along with actual auto repair expenses?
  68. What are the mileage allowances for 2007?
  69. What is best Auto purchase or lease Option? Use our free software to assist you!
  70. Treatment of Auto lease expense on Corporate tax return?
  71. 2006 Mileage rate for Auto used in Business?