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  1. which is a better way to move/setup a company from a tax planning perspective part 1
  2. Gain on involuntary conversion LLC question
  3. disregarded entity change
  4. Vehicle Tax Audit - State Subsidy
  5. Unamortized Goodwill on Closed Business
  6. Assumed debt = purchase price?
  7. Owner Draw from LLC in Business Plan
  8. Multi-state, multi LLC--should I consolidate everything?
  9. 1099 from Insurance Company
  10. membership interest sale
  11. Deduction of attorney fee
  12. one person with two different LLCs Tax
  13. Texas franchise tax question
  14. K-1 amount to report to IRS
  15. Are K-1's and a 1065 needed for a FL LLC with Husband and Wife as Members?
  16. Need help in Texas!
  17. Filing under S Corp with LLC
  18. Are business expenses tax deductible if I use Amazon Gift Card
  19. Inventory that was consigned in store but never payed for
  20. Want to form an LLC to avoid some SE taxes
  21. Director of a company based in Seychelles
  22. LLC Change of ownership percentage
  23. Bed and Breakfast
  24. Expenses prior to starting business
  25. Forms 2553 & 8832
  26. Accidentally Filed 2553 For Puerto Rico LLC
  27. Unemployment Insurance and LLC
  28. LLC purchased in 2015 and final return 2015, can i carry a loss back to the company on my personal return for a asset
  29. Distributions in a LLC?
  30. LLC: Selling Personal Property
  31. How stocks purchased from the profits from LLC would be taxed?
  32. Transfer of property between related LLC's
  33. Property transfer from 1LLC to another-Taxable event?
  34. Filing 2016 taxes
  35. Additional Income for LLC w/S-Corp Election
  36. Contributions
  37. income streams
  38. Form 8832
  39. Mortgage payments from an LLC for a member.
  40. French company dividends
  41. Should I elect New Jersey S-corporation status for a New Jersey LLC for which Federal S-corporation status has been elected ?
  42. Mileage deduction with employee
  43. U.S. Tax Adivce Required
  44. LLC S Corp received 1099
  45. deduct interest rental property
  46. Amend prior year K-1s = audit?
  47. Distributions from Partnership to S-Corp Partners
  48. W2 or Owner's Draw
  49. LLC/S Corp - Partner Payments
  50. Multimember LLC and IRA source for real estate investments
  51. Sales tax for training in Texas?
  52. Single Member LLC W-9 EIN vs SSN
  53. member loan to LLC
  54. add new members with same par value of LLC unit
  55. Sch K-1 /partner capital accounts
  56. US-Spain Tax Treaty
  57. Paying LLC loan with personal checking account
  58. Real Estate Flip
  59. giving up shares of company
  60. LLC will not issue K-1 for 2016 after lawsuit settled in January 2017
  61. Partnership sale - debt basis used to unsuspend PY losses
  62. Partnership with bad debt on rental property
  63. New Car Depreciation Help
  64. Partnership guaranteed payments: SE tax?
  65. Inactive spouse as member of LLC w/S-Corp filing status
  66. Private investing business
  67. Received 1098-C for LLC & the same under personal ss#
  68. Claim Life Insurance Premium Payment as Deduction
  69. 1099 made out to individual instead of business
  70. Does form 8832/2553 got to be filed every year?
  71. LLC owners paid by 1099 possible?
  72. Can the hours spent by one of the Partners in an LLC be treated as expense
  73. Filing an LLC seperate from my personal taxes when LLC has a loss
  74. Sole Prop LLC's
  75. Hotel Stays?
  76. deductible training
  77. Help
  78. At what point or what industry do holding companies and operating companies come into play?
  79. Pre-Opening Expenses
  80. Fafsa LLC tax return, mortgage interest under personal SS#
  81. Deductible Business Expense/Depreciation
  82. 93% Commissions/shares sent to overseas
  83. Loans and wages
  84. Foreign Owned US LLC - no income tax - What do I file/report?
  85. W-9 required by my LLC for reward pass-through?
  86. Real estate commercial promissory note and tax treatment
  87. I have an LLP and an LLC
  88. Patent Sale - Best Way?
  89. [Help] US LLC bills German company for services in the US. What taxes???
  90. Should I form a company in the US or Offshore? - Disregard previous thread pls
  91. Should I form a US company?
  92. computer software license - 30% tax
  93. Referral Fee Taxation
  94. Transfer Long Term Liability to Working Capital with Overseas LLC's
  95. LLC Partnership managed by another LLC
  96. LLC receives income from another LLC
  97. Transfer to LLC then Sell
  98. LLC losses and tax impact
  99. Trying To Fill Out 8804 Please Help!!!
  100. Proper accounting for self-financed software startup
  101. Accounting year ending
  102. Llc member became citizen this year.
  103. Non-Resident LLC Income from Amazon and AdSense
  104. Final K-1 Partnership basis
  105. New Partnership
  106. LLC member buyout loan closing costs
  107. llc with mid-year s-corp election change
  108. Claimable loss from a partnership when the business is closed down
  109. Single Member LLC Filing Responsibilities
  110. Employer sent 1099 to incorrect LLC Address
  111. Does K-1 Partnership income qualifies for EIC
  112. Gift Tax Use from Personal to Business
  113. Restaurant Sale Taxes
  114. Section 179 SUV
  115. LLC Sho Tax Year
  116. LLC formation Tax Question
  117. LLC Partner report subcontract expense
  118. Tax liability when selling on Amazon as a foreign owned US LLC
  119. Old Business, Returns
  120. Amended K-1
  121. Unemployed loser wants to register an LLC--advice, please!
  122. Regarding Domestic LLC K-1 and the 1040
  123. KY LLC member. Sale of family farm
  124. Estimate tax for LLC members
  125. LLP - Was I required to file K1/1065?
  126. Tax liability for WY LLC by Non-US resident
  127. Leasing a company vehicle
  128. Selling interest in a LP where I have rcvd nondividend distributions
  129. Suv tax break
  130. K-1 received for a dissolved LLC
  131. final return for 2-partner inactive LLC
  132. Escrow Accounts And Related Tax
  133. When should I form my LLC?
  134. Can the onus of filing 'final' LLC tax return (form 1065) be on a passive partner ?
  135. Medical Needs Trust
  136. Do not agree with K-1 issued by LLC partnership of 4 members
  137. Reporting Used Car Dealership Inventory
  138. Ohio LLC that has done ZERO business
  139. Series LLC
  140. sale of LLC interest by estate
  141. allowable llc deductions-charitable donations
  142. Need advice on sale of interest in LLC partnership
  143. New LLC, Qualified Joint Venture with one spouse on a green card. Tax implications? Also, LLC has an EIN, does that require a 1065?
  144. Qualified Dividends for LLC taxed as a C-Corp
  145. As a Single member LLC can member use name as DBA?
  146. Reporting Losses
  147. New LLC, registered in Delaware: do we have to file California Form 568?
  148. Asset Impairment and Form 1065
  149. LLC-Correcting
  150. Land (net of any Amortization) error
  151. 1099 misc correction
  152. LLC Non-Passive loss
  153. Non- Passive Loss
  154. K1
  155. Mortgage payment help for turbo tax business
  156. LLC Double taxation
  157. How to account for 1099b LLC income if that's the only income
  158. Changing from single member LLC to Partnership
  159. Changing from single member LLC to Partnership
  160. Changing from single member LLC to Partnership
  161. DR-15 LLC and DBA sales
  162. 1099's
  163. The IRS has stated that an LLC member may not be considered a qualifying limited partner and could be subject to S/E Tax on his share of partnership income where the LLC receives fees for services!
  164. business losses
  165. Reporting Tips for a Single Member LLC
  166. LLC Self Employment Tax Question
  167. Claiming Fuel Expenses
  168. LSW LLC? Florist business set up?
  169. sole member & drawing
  170. LLC Passthrough
  171. Tax consequences to change in SMLLC ownership, still a SMLLC
  172. Deduct health insurance in LLC
  173. LLC Not claiming a loss
  174. Tax preparer error on my 2013 1065
  175. Forgiving debt between 2 LLCs
  176. PK
  177. Question on Tax Filing for Business Trip
  178. Which Retirement Plan to Start
  179. Any obligations for non-resident alien from Slovakia - Europe and single member LLC, Delaware?
  180. Non-TEFRA Partnership, Assessment Statute, Negative Capital Account
  181. Assessment Statute for Negative LLC Capital Account
  182. 1099's in business and personal names
  183. MMLLC for international trade
  184. Import export business - LLC
  185. Selling a Business (15% owner)
  186. change of ownership for multi member llc
  187. Multi-member LLC/Partnership for real estate brokerage...
  188. WY LLC non-US person non-US resident no US operations/income
  189. LLC Transfer
  190. NJ Partnership Return
  191. CPA Letter
  192. Question on LLC deduction
  193. physical presense
  194. Which city to pay local taxes to?
  195. How to file personal taxes when owining an LLC
  196. New LLC, how do I file the incorporation fees on the 1065?
  197. Oregon LLC, schedule C and partnership penalties
  198. Ending Capital Accounts - Final Tax Return
  199. Business tax deductions for LLC
  200. LLC formed in 2013, capital invested, but not launched
  201. Mobile Grooming Van - Equipment or Vehicle?
  202. LLC report on Schedule C?
  203. Passive or Non-passive determination
  204. Need help with quick 1099 filing question for LLC
  205. Starting an LLC question
  206. Schedule C ok for filing LLC--Wife and I are the members
  207. North Carolina Sales Tax for Events
  208. Seller Financing & Capital Gains
  209. Can you claim a lost car where you are the lienholder on the lease?
  210. business expenses on credit card
  211. I need help balancing a small business loss this year and using it in a future positive years so I can qualify for a house this year
  212. HELP appreciated please!!
  213. Business note interest income
  214. Opinion required
  215. how to treat LLC income??
  216. Can I reclaim SE taxes I paid on a loss?
  217. Incorrect K-1 Statement and Responsibility
  218. Advice how to open LLC in USA
  219. General Guidance on Married LLC Situation
  220. New LLC with calendar year expenses but no income
  221. Not sure what I need to Do if anything
  222. quaterly witholding irs
  223. Personal Liability for Tax Penalty
  224. General Scenario - New LLC in VA
  225. LLC - Form 1065 - Schedule B-1, Part II
  226. 1065- how to report expenses and depreciation related to holding property for investment
  227. S-Corp gives Soc#, not EIN number on W-9
  228. Taxation of buyout in an LLC
  229. sole proprieter , needs to change llc status
  230. Real estate LLC and Health Premiums?
  231. Does IRS audit original returns that were amended?
  232. Determining Net Gain for PTP passive activities of a limited partner
  233. Freaked Out
  234. Final return with debt
  235. benefit of awarding losses to an investor
  236. Mid-year conversion from sole proprietor to LLC w/S-election
  237. Where should a Partnership file Forms 8804, 8805, and 8813?
  238. How does a Partnership pay the Foreign Withholding Taxes attributable to Foreign Partners?
  239. Which Partnerships are required to file Form 8804 and Form 8805?
  240. When should a partnership file Form 8804 and 8805?
  241. What IRS Forms are used to report federal income taxes paid on behalf of these Foreign Partners?
  242. Wife Owns SMLLC and hired Husband to do the work; can she give him a 1099?
  243. Accountable Plan Depreciation Reimbursement from LLC
  244. Cash Draw / Member Pay Deductibility
  245. Capital Contribution Tax Treatment
  246. how do you enter sale of partnership interest to another partner on form 1065 and k-1
  247. Tax Help
  248. Unrealized Losses LTD Partnership
  249. Is is possible to get unemployment if you are an LLC
  250. New Form 1125e