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  1. transferring NOL carryovers from sole proprietorship to C Corp.
  2. C-Corp Taxes
  3. Selling business tax application
  4. C corp dissolved- write offs possible?
  5. Did I get bad advice?
  6. Tax Year End Affected by 2018 or 2017
  7. C-corp write off accounts payable, timing
  8. Buying a Building
  9. C Corp officer / unemployment question
  10. 2018 tax brackets
  11. interest accrual for shareholder loans TO a corporation
  12. Starting a new business
  13. Interstate Business Tax Obligations
  14. Sole shareholder loans
  15. does a solar purchase reduce taxable income?
  16. Solar Proposal Accuracy (Tax Benefits)
  17. Tax on Buying Corp Shares at Below FMV
  18. Can IRS deny a 7004 Corporate Extension if tax is not paid?
  19. FET claim form
  20. Losses
  21. Transfer money from Hong Kong to U.S. subsidiary
  22. Business state income tax return
  23. Corporate just for Payment Processing
  24. C Corp worth more dead than alive?
  25. Tax efficient charitable donations
  26. Fringe Benefits for 5% owners
  27. When to file Forms 940 and 941 for the first time
  28. How to pay myself
  29. IRS says I owe them $2400 in back taxes for year 2015
  30. help on closing books C-corporation Volunatary dissolution
  31. Transfer real property from C corp
  32. Closing down C-Corp, have questions
  33. capitalize vs expense
  34. Form 2553 never filed
  35. C-Corp: Meals & Entertainment Writeoff & Receipts
  36. Start-up company: 1099 & W2 Mix
  37. C-Corp winddown tax questions
  38. How to report initial sale of shares?
  39. family farm c-corp
  40. C-Corp dividends ordinary or qualified?
  41. Stock trade for real property taxation
  42. U.S Withholding Tax on Foreign Payments (1042)
  43. Can a C corp pay my medicare premium?
  44. Sales tax for online sales
  45. California Workman's Compensation Insurance
  46. interest on loan
  47. Property owned by C-Corp
  48. C-Corp
  49. Life Insurance proceeds
  50. foreign withholding tax
  51. Section 197 Intangibles
  52. Liquidation distribution to C corp shareholders
  53. Can seller of C Corp claim unemployment in CA
  54. employee mileage reimbursement
  55. C Corp Employee Health Insurance
  56. Failure to forego NOL carryback for C-corporation with no taxable income in carryback years.
  57. Nonprofit corporation (not 501c3)
  58. C Corp to S Corp Conversion But Keeping the EIN In Tact
  59. Im self employed. I bought a new service van used exclusively for my business. Can I deduct the full purchase price of the vehicle ?
  60. C Corp misfiled on Schedule C
  61. Qualified Dividends for LLC taxed as a C-Corp
  62. Reporting Rental Income from private property on business tax return
  63. Filing Private Property Rental Income on business tax return
  64. Is Advertising considered a service on a 1099
  65. Bounced Check For 2013 And Paid Tax Of Which 1099 Was Issed
  66. C Corp never filed taxes, please help
  67. C Corp never filed taxes, please help
  68. California NRA Withholding
  69. 1096 correction
  70. K-1 to a non-shareholder?
  71. Officer unemployment
  72. 1120 C Noncash liquidation distribution
  73. Insurance Premiums Shareholder Withdrawl?
  74. Taxes for consulting people from other countries
  76. Applicable Tax form with Bank account application
  77. Charitable Remainder Trust from C-Corp
  78. can c corp reimburse health ins.
  79. How do write off deferred tax liability
  80. ROBS and asset sale
  81. Procedure to convert LLC 'C' to LLC PassThru
  82. C - Corporation Vs. Sole Prop
  83. U.S Sec 1441 Withholding Tax
  84. Free Business Tax Return Guide
  85. C Corporation Home Office Addition
  86. Tax treatment for C Corp dissolution in year of start up
  87. trade/business of renovating and re-selling homes
  88. Classifying contract work (non-US based) on form 1120
  89. 1031 question
  90. Massachuesetts Tax Exemption
  91. How Do I Put Future Employee on SS-4 Form for EIN?
  92. International Tax Seminars in India
  93. Inc or LLC?
  94. Reducing Retained Earnings...
  95. What is Taxable in the C-corp
  96. Under Sec 1441 Withholding Tax
  97. Foreign Individual Applying for EIN for C-Corp without SSN, Will It Make the C-Corp Unable to Do Business/Hire in the US?
  98. Foreigner started a C-Corp in California, with no Profit Distribution/Salary. Does he need to File Personal Tax Return with IRS and State?
  99. Health ins premium and medical expence deductions for 2014
  100. (Sec 1441 NRA foreign withholding tax)
  101. W-9 Form
  102. W-9 Form
  103. Change in inventory method for car dealership
  104. C Corporation
  105. C Corp charitable contributions
  106. Shari
  107. C corp unemployment insurance waiver
  108. How to Properly Dissolve NYS Corp that is Inactive/Never Had Activity for 2 Years
  109. Tax Rate on Corporate Capital Gains?
  110. Assisted Living Expenses for Owner
  111. cafeteria plan for one person C corp or LLC
  112. C Corp never filed taxes
  113. C Corp never filed taxes
  114. Health Insurance Premium deduction
  115. C-Corp deductible interest expense.
  116. LLC under C Corp
  117. Registered Corp in 2 Different state - How do i merge EIN#s
  118. How the shareholder treats a distribution with liability attached?
  119. Have not filed an 1120 for the last 3 years.
  120. Never filed a Tax Return for C Corp
  121. C Corp tax for dissolve the company
  122. Final Tax Return C Corp
  123. Corporation retained earn zeroed out
  124. M-2 and M-1
  125. C corp paying for health ins premiums
  126. What are a Corporation's Filing Requirements?
  127. Personal funds to cover corporate expenses
  128. Form 1125-E
  129. C-Corp dissolution - how to report the cash distribution on Individual tax return 1040
  130. C-Corp Business Restructuring
  131. 1096 expenses on C-Corp taxes
  132. From W2 to s-corporation
  133. IRS issues new increased reporting requirments for 1099-Misc questions to Business in 2011!
  134. What to do with Retained Earnings?
  135. What tax forms do I file for a c corp?
  136. Taxes on C-Corp
  137. Section 1244
  138. When to file Form 5471?
  139. What to do if I haven't filed any estimated taxes and tax return for last year yet?
  140. How to set-up payment to foreign owners?
  141. Tax Write Off
  142. Need to file C corp tax return, never done before
  143. C-Corp
  144. C-corp earnings and profits
  145. 28 year inactive corp in NJ
  146. C Corporation receives 1099-C Canceled Debt
  147. How to file 2009 1096/1099?
  148. health insurance
  149. C-Corp Life Insurance Premiums Paid
  150. C Corp & filing for unemployment for officer
  151. Profts on C Corp
  152. Markup on reimbursable meals from a 1099 contractor
  153. IRS proposes elimnation of Paper Coupons Next Year for Corporation Tax Payments & Extends Electronic Payment via EFTPS!
  154. Dissolving a C Corporation
  155. What are the requirements for shareholders to be eligible for Section 1244 Stock treatment?
  156. Is there a way to deduct all my losses occurred on my C Corporations once it has been dissolved?
  157. Pre Aquisition Retained earning (loss) and current year earning in acquiring comany
  158. Question about Travel expense and income tax
  159. 1120 tax question C-Corp
  160. Health Insurance/Medical Expenses for C-Corp
  161. I believe my employer is incorrectly reporting 1099 wages
  162. Bankrupt C-corp owes officers.
  163. medical deductions
  164. Forgot to file extension for C-corp
  165. LLC, C corp and individual
  166. S Corporation Insolvency - IRC Section 108
  167. Alternative Vehicle Credit?
  168. What are the consequences of not dissolving a C Corporation in State of Delaware doing business in California
  169. Payments to foreign companies
  170. size of C Corp declared cash dividend
  171. C Corp Carryover of Contributions
  172. C- Corp liability
  173. C-Corp & Unemployment Income
  174. Loan given to shareholder of C corporation
  175. C Corp and a DBA - All income on same tax form?
  176. How much salary/SEP-IRA can I take out?
  177. Short Period Tax return
  178. retained earnings
  179. Administratively dissolved C Corporation distributes real property
  180. NY State C- Corp late fees and penalties
  181. Employee advances write off
  182. Two-way radio used in manufacturing plant is sales & use tax exempt or not?
  183. Double tax in C corp ??? different from Australia??
  184. Use tax should be capitalized?
  185. What is interest rate for sales tax refund?
  186. Computer Depreciation
  187. Which type of corporation?
  188. Please Help received fines from the city of New York
  189. Officer Loan To C Corporation
  190. How Long should a Taxpayer keep his Corporate Tax Records?
  191. Who must sign a C Corporation Tax Return?
  192. What is the filing date for a New Corporation filing a short period return?
  193. What do I have to file for C corporation?
  194. Corporation distributing appreciate property
  195. Foreign investor shareholder loan to build income property
  196. Newly Incorporated
  197. please help
  198. life insurance expense
  199. Paying CT-4 online
  200. Foreign Independent Contractors
  201. Tax Filing Necessary ?
  202. what is the deadline to file an amended1099
  203. Using education scholarship for C-corp deduction
  204. voluntary dissolution and liquidating distribution
  205. Filing extension for a C Corp in Colorado
  206. Depreciation limit: how about >$999.00
  207. C Corp dissolution - remaining bills
  208. Corporation in DE
  209. 109 Provision
  210. Interest due Shareholder if C Corp is cash basis
  211. How do I correct a 1096 Form
  212. C-corporation and unemployment
  213. Missed Vendors on 1099
  214. NY Tax-Free Minucipal bond interest for C corp
  215. how to report "lease assets to my corp"
  216. How do I go about depreciating "used equipment" bought for my C Corporation?
  217. Include Travel Reimbursement to 1099 for Directors?
  218. Can you recommend any good accounting software programs for my Corporate Bookkeeping?
  219. C Corp Taxes
  220. Amending a 1139 with one year passed
  221. is it too late for s-corporation? I must file regular 1120?
  222. $5 sandwich for employee who worked 12 hour day - 100% deductible?
  223. Tax return for c-corp
  224. $120 Meal for owner/employee and client - how much deductible?
  225. what forms to file
  226. Elimination Company
  227. Apportionment
  228. Accrued interest on shareholder note to C-Corporation
  229. Preparing Final IRS Form 1120 for
  230. How does a taxpayer report a Corporate Dissolution or Liquidation?
  231. Tax Liability for Offshore Corporations
  232. What is the treatment for Capital Gains and Capital Losses in a C-Corporation?
  233. 1099 Other Income treatment from C corp
  234. C Corp Estimated Taxes in Arrears???
  235. How much US tax do I have to pay on the gain on sale of foreign property in the UK?
  236. Question-Life Ins on C-Corp
  237. Officer Life Insurance Premiums
  238. What is the tax benefit(s) for a C Corporation to pursue an employee’s loan repayment
  239. Providing employees a W-2 and 1099-Misc in same year will raise a Red Flag!
  240. C Corp and home office dilema
  241. How to legally shift money in Corporations C
  242. can an LLC own C Corp Stock to prevent being labeled at Personal Service ?
  243. Can I lease my personal equipment to my C Corp?
  244. Does C Corp Itemize Deductions
  245. C Corporation loans to officer for business purpose
  246. C-Corp, What are the best ways to shift income to lower taxes?
  247. What is the Simplified R & D Tax Credit?
  248. IRS position on elections of simplified R & D credit made on amended tax return?
  249. What is the eligibility criteria for late S-Corporation elections?
  250. IRS Issues Final Versions of 2007 Form 1120-F and New Schedule M-3 (1120-F)