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  1. Form 843: FICA Refund
  2. Tax Preparer Lied and is avoiding me.
  3. Need to file earned income from Alaska on Federal return?
  4. Any problem with Tax documents (ID,license, pass, ..)?
  5. Filing a year late
  6. Depreciation Expense or Depletion
  7. Please Help
  8. Qualified Joint Venture election for Non Resident Aliens?
  9. Tax question 2015 Self Employed
  10. Deducting Roth IRA Losses
  11. passport and visa expenses
  12. writing in cafes when traveling
  13. Shared Responsibility Payment
  14. Depreciation of primary residence used as rental
  15. Deceased Spouse - Sole Income from Caregiving
  16. I'm still waiting
  17. 3531 demand for signature, but already signed
  18. Worldwide Income
  19. Help with SEP IRA Contribution that I wasn't eligible for
  20. RETURN REJECTED- Please help!!! what is "qualifying non-dependent"
  21. Maximum loss allowed for taxable interest AND capital gains?
  22. Passive loss after S corporation is closed
  23. Complicated inheritance/stock question
  24. In-state tuition/employer payment
  25. built ADU, rental income and home business
  26. K-1 Cash Distribution in excess of partner basis
  27. Living abroad, which State do I file in?
  28. Accrual method reporting & 1099 misc
  29. Form 8962 and revision of page 2 of the return
  30. NYS Tax headache, Please Explain.
  31. how to correct 1099-misc & 1096 form
  32. Employer reimburses travel as taxable income
  33. Full time student
  34. Can I file as HOH(spouse lived apart but visited the house)
  35. NRA and self employment
  36. FBAR Form - item 15
  37. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Questions
  38. Custodial Account mistake?
  39. 529 Expenses
  40. Form 8962 and sharing percentage allocations with my non-dependent son.
  41. lived in Virginia but paid taxes to DC
  42. Itemize for buying a new car in 2015 - CA
  43. Traditional IRA
  44. 1095-A and 8962 Percentage Allocations for Marketplace Health Insurance
  45. 1095-A and 8962 Percentage Allocations for Marketplace Health Insurance
  46. Making tax payments while having more added
  47. Congress agrees to Extend Many Expired Tax Breaks!
  48. When are Scholarships or and Fellowships Taxable?
  49. Who is entitled to take a Student Loan Interest deduction in 2015?
  50. Who Can Claim an Education Credit?
  51. Can Taxpayers file their tax returns if they have not received any or all of these Health Care forms such as 1095-B or 1095-C ?
  52. What are the health care tax forms that a Taxpayer might receive and how should they be used on the Tax Return?
  53. Should Taxpayers wait to file their Income Tax Returns until they receive the Health Care Forms 1095-B or 1095-C?
  54. When will Taxpayers receive the health care tax forms 1095-B or 1095-C?
  55. Will I receive any new health care tax forms in 2016 to help me complete my tax return?
  56. Inherited common stock-capital gain
  57. filing for senior citizen