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  1. Where can obtain an IRS Withholding Calculator to determine my correct 2013 Federal withholding and estimate my year end tax liability?
  2. What is the Process to obtain an "Employer Identification Number (EIN)" Online?
  3. Repayment of Business Expenses to Employer
  4. Is it possible?
  5. Pulling out of contributions from Roth IRA
  6. NonDividend Distribution - How to apply on 1040
  7. IRS Cancels July 22 Furlough Day
  8. Special Mailings Going to Taxpayers Following Notice Issue
  9. People Affected By Boston Marathon Explosions Have Until July 15 To File And Pay; Additional Extension Available
  10. Announcement + Need suggestions
  11. IRS issues "Taxpayer Guide to Identity Theft".
  12. 1099 misc and LLC's
  13. IRS offers 5 essential Tax Tips for starting a new Business
  14. IRS issues tax tips for Newlyweds for 2013
  15. IRS Statement on the Supreme Court Decision on the Defense of Marriage Act
  16. National Taxpayer Advocate Identifies Priority Issues for Upcoming Year; Reports on Exempt Organization Review Concerns
  17. I owe money on my income taxes from last year. Can I still get a tax refund this year?
  18. Can I claim my daughter as a dependent on my taxes?
  19. Taxable Pension and Social Security
  20. Deducting donated space
  21. Deducting donated space
  22. Do you need to have auto insurance in order to legally drive where you live?
  23. What is the Difference between Tax Credits and Tax Deductions?
  24. indirect ira rollover to 401k: options
  25. If a person has multiple accounts each with less than $10,000, does he have to file a FBAR?
  26. What are the exceptions for filing a FBAR (Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts) Form?
  27. Closing date to Report Foreign Bank Accounts-June 30th 2013!
  28. American living in Spain
  29. How to Declare Bankruptcy
  30. Key Benefits of Filing an Extension
  31. Need Help to Choosing a Perfect IRS Tax Lawyer
  32. Tax filing and payment instruction for Counties affected by Oklahoma Torneda.
  33. IRS Tax Problems
  34. How to Choose a Suitable Bankruptcy Attorney?
  35. Truck Driver Incorporating
  36. Small IT Business & IRS Audit
  37. Request An Installment Plan
  38. How many years should I keep my Ohio individual income tax records?
  39. What should I do if the IRS examined and changed my federal income tax return?
  40. Can I change my information once I submit my tax extension?
  41. FAQ - on Getting Extension
  42. Do I have to use my Social Security Number when I e-file my business tax extension, or will I use my Tax-ID (EIN) number?
  43. Individual Tax Return
  44. ITIN and Federal Tax Return---Help!!!!!!
  45. ITIN and Federal Tax Return---Help!!!!!!
  46. How to Fill Out Tax Form 4868
  47. Tax Reform
  48. What does the IRS consider double dipping?
  49. How to claim federal tax credit
  50. Some Tips for Taxpayers Who Missed the Tax Deadline!
  51. IRS Announces Three-Month Filing, Payment Extension Following Boston Marathon Explosions
  52. 5. Can day care expenses be claimed in my taxes
  53. 4. Can I claim on mileage to visit branch office
  54. Will 1099 affect my unemployment status
  55. Can I incorporate a business?
  56. Claim on Dependent who is Overseas
  57. Tax Deadlines for Non-Profit Organizations
  58. US Post Offices Open Late on Monday Apr 15th and on Weekend
  59. 2013 New S-Corp. What corporate forms must I file right now?
  60. Corp to Corp tax withholding
  61. fed tax treatment of state tax credit
  62. foreign spouse with foreign income
  63. My son now attends college since Fall 2012. We rcvd 3 1098-T.
  64. Penalties for not filing taxes
  65. Penalties for not filing taxes
  66. Balancing of commercial and tax pricing in international corporation
  67. What happens to interest deduction on personal residence home equity loan proceeds which are used to buy a new personal residence?
  68. Include PA income tax in CA itemized deductions?
  69. Divorced in 2012, Mortgage and Property Tax deductions...
  70. Son living in home - not for profit rental?
  71. First home that son is living in - not for profit rental?
  72. Switching from 1099 to W2 & Estimated Taxes
  73. IRS announces that the Interest Rates Remain the Same for the Second Quarter of 2013
  74. California Renter's Credit - Do Hotel Room Stays Qualify
  75. Designation of Payor as Agent To Perform Acts Required of an Employer
  76. What is the impact on the marginal tax rate on Long term gains and dividends in 2013?
  77. What is the impact on the marginal tax rate due to the cutback in itemized deductions in 2013?
  78. Money earned selling goods I made
  79. What is the impact of the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 on Individual Taxpayers?
  80. What are new tax rate increases as a result of the potential New Tax Law changes in 2013?
  81. What is the impact on the Exemptions and Standard Deductions as a result of the possible Tax Law Changes in 2013?
  82. What are the component of Revenue Increases and Spending Cuts resulting from the Fiscal Cliff?
  83. What is the Fiscal Cliff?
  84. Does the Gain on the Sale of a Personal Residence trigger the 3.8% Medicare Surtax?
  85. What are some Examples of how the 3.8% 'Medicare Surtax' would be imposed on a taxapayer?
  86. What is meant by Net Investment Income in relationship to calculation of the Medicare Surtax 3.8%?
  87. Which Taxpayers are going to be affected by the 3.8% Medicare Surtax Rate increase?
  88. What will be the impact of the The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“Act”) on Individual Income Tax Rates in 2013?
  89. What are the some of additional tax hikes for 2013 Tax Year?