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  3. loan repayment from s corp
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  6. Deceased TP and "S.O." wanting to file for him.
  7. Wrong SS on W2 So Taxes Withheld not accounted for
  8. Need help with 0% Capital Gains Rate on Sale of Home
  9. 1099-r
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  13. Sale of business asset
  14. Question about Code in 12 of w2
  15. Credit Card Debt Cancellation and LLC
  16. Removal of Excess Roth Contribution
  17. How to claim a dependent if I am the non-related legal guardian
  18. Tax on foreign income
  19. IRS offers a Savers Tax Credit that helps Low and Moderate-Income Workers Save for Retirement
  20. What are the potential implications of the expiration of Bush-Era Tax cuts for the Taxapayers in 2012?
  21. Mortgage Interest - 2012
  22. Will I pay taxes on this income?
  23. Trying to figure out pros/cons for filing separately or jointly
  24. Fee for installment payments?
  25. Why is it beneficial to sell Capital Assets that would have a taxable capital gain in 2012?
  26. Computing basis over multiple year/weekly stock purchases
  27. The IRS warns consumers about a new tax scam that uses a website that mimics the IRS e-Services online registration page.
  28. IRS Gives Additional Time to Taxpayers and Preparer's Affected by Hurricane Sandy
  29. Mr President, “7 Tax strategies to boost the Economy” without lowering tax rates for wealthy Americans.
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