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  1. How do I issue 1099?
  2. Is it mandatory for me to depreciate my home that is used as a home office?
  3. When should a "Sole Proprietor" require a Tax ID Number?
  4. Home Office Casualty Loss Conundrum
  5. What Are Tax Requirements For Someone Who Works At Home?
  6. "Exporting" business expenses to USA
  7. Tax deduction
  8. How to record self-payment
  9. What would be deductible business expenses for my new retail business?
  10. Maximize benefit with low project income in year 1
  11. office deduction / roof repair
  12. use of home for business
  13. A Client stiffed me on an invoice is it tax deductable?
  14. What are the benefits of Incorporating?
  15. What is the Self-Employment Tax rate for self-employed businesses?
  16. What can I write off?
  17. Can I write off interest expenses on my personal loan used for my Business?
  18. What is the best way to deduct a new computer that I bought for my business in 2007?
  19. Sole Proprietorship LLC
  20. Interest due from audit
  21. Entire CPA fee deductible business expense for amended return?
  22. I have a home business and would like to know if I can omit depreciation on my home?
  23. A Taxpayer may use a Schedule C- EZ when he has <$5,000 of business expenses?
  24. Business Deposited Forfeited
  25. How can I take advantage of business losses in my unincorporated business?
  26. Is it better to do your own payroll tax returns or hire an outside payroll company?
  27. Hiring your kids
  28. How much does payroll tax cost as percentage of total wages paid out?
  29. What are some of the strategies that would improve the success of my new business?
  30. How does one go about filing an extension? I live in NJ state & don't owe any money.
  31. Need to give a 1099 to a contractor
  32. 1099 MISC and 1096 Late to IRS
  33. How much of health insurance is deductible for self-employed schedule C filer's?
  34. For self-employed taxpayers, can we deduct commuting miles to business location?
  35. How much of Tax preparation fees are deductible on Schedule A & Schedule C?
  36. How about tips for self-employed individuals?
  37. Can I take daily per diem which is tax exempted
  38. Are there any tips for avoiding an IRS audit for individual tax payers?
  39. What is the minimum NYS filing tax for an LLC?
  40. What are the Year End requirements for filing 1099's for outside contractors?
  41. Tax savings strategy for self-employed IT consultant
  42. How much of my captial losses from stock trades can I deduct?
  43. Can you suggest year end strategies for reducing year end self employment income?
  44. Tax treatment for Pension contribution!
  45. Can I take a payroll from my Self Employed Business
  46. What is better for business lease or purchase of a Car??
  47. What is the standard Mileage allowed in 2006?
  48. Losses from Schedule C exceeding Income!
  49. How do I report 1099-Misc Income?
  50. Office at Home Expenses-What is deductible?
  51. Self Employment Tax